Bridge Results

Monday Morning Social Partnership Bridge

4/05. 1st Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross, 2nd Newell Orr and Paul Budrick, 3rd Ron and Mary Kent; Slam: Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross

4/12. 1st Jeanette Newman and Jeannie Kitzman, 2nd Bev Anastasia and Joan Silver, 3rd Nancy Parsegian and Diana DePree

Cottonwood Ladies Bridge

Joan Phelan

4/8 1st Jeannie Kitzman, 2nd Joan Phelan and Jeanette Newman

Saturday Morning Partnership Bridge

Sun Lakes Country Club, Phase 1

3/14. 1st Jeannie Kitzman and Nancy Smith, 2nd Jim Hawkins and Colleen Ritter, 3rd Jeanette Newman and Karen Sanchez; Slam: Dee Guthrie and Bernie Ross

4/03. 1st Lori Scharbach and Karen Harnish, 2nd Joan Silver and Bev Anastasia, 3rd Donna and Jerry Smith

4/10. 1st Karen Harnish and Lori Scharbach, 2nd Donna and Jerry Smith, 3rd Ilena Lea and Jeanette Newman; Slam: Ileana Lea and Jeanette Newman @