Bridge Results – June 2014

Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge

Alan Behr

The Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club games are now held at Risen Savior Lutheran Church, 23914 S Alma School Road).

Open games are held on Monday at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., Thursday at 1:30 p.m. and Saturday at 9:00 a.m. except the second Saturday of the month which starts at 12:30 p.m. There also is a Novice game Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game time!

If you are in need of a partner for any Open Games please contact the Players’ Pairs Assistants, Eileen Utter at [email protected] or phone 802-8300; or Barbara Lubsen at 699-9649. Please try the e-mail first if you have access to a computer.

The following pairs had outstanding games during the month: Ed and Kathy Schmitt 70.42 percent and Chuck Quenneville and Janet Daling 70.19 percent. There were also 24 other pairs that had percentages greater than 62 percent. It was a great month for bridge!

04/01. N/S: (1st in A) Robert Brower and Roger Edwards; (1st in B) Don Pratt and Donna Pratt; (1st in C) Aynur Kuru and Hope Castellanos

E/W: (1st in A) Norma Gehrig and Eugene Condon; (1st in B) James Utter and Eileen Utter

04/03. N/S: (1st in A) Charles Quenneville and Joe Pospis; (1st in B) Florence Thier and Priscilla Kelly; (1st in C) Linda Lord and Larry Huhn

E/W: (1st in A and B) Angela Bailey and Laine Byrnes; (1st in C) Beverly Dolven and Becky Hamilton

04/05. N/S: (1st in A) Robert Brower and Norma Gehrig; (1st in B and C) Rachelle Evans and Margaret Battista

E/W: (1st in A and B) Gordon Estrada and Jim Randall; (1st in C) Sue Robinson and Barry Siegwart

04/14. N/S: (1st in A) Lilian Yee and Sik Tong Yee; (1st in B) Alan Behr and Colette Goldstein; (1st in C) Lorraine Wangsness and Bonnie Butler

E/W: (1st in A) Karin Molleman and Derek Mansfield; (1st in B) Robert Binder and Susan Barnett

04/15. N/S: (1st in A and B) Edwin Schmidt and Kathleen Schmidt

E/W: (1st in A and B) Chuck Irwin and Donna Traas; (1st in C) Frances Warinner and Ken Prouty

0419. N/S (1st in A and B) Florence Thier and Kay Johnson

E/W: (1st in A) Dale Sweetwood and Carole Odenreider; (1st in B and C) Walter Chambers and Lawrence Schram

04/21. N/S: (1st in A) Steve Mansfield and Cynthia Smith; (1st in B) Virginia Pedersen and Roseann Rinderknecht; (1st in C) Ginny Troin and Christine Garner

E/W: (1st in A and B) Thomas Zosel and Cheri Zosel; (1st in C) Michael Hedreen and Terrance Kilbreath

04/22. N/S: (1st in A) Matt Wiggum and Janet Daling; (1st in B and C) Michelle Steiner and Philip Deleo

E/W: (1st in A) James Lenertz and Richard Catero; (1st in B) Gordon Markham and Kathy Markham

04/24. N/S: (1st in A) Matt Wiggum and Janet Daling; (1st in B) Deborah Watson and Judith Edinger; (1st in C) Michelle Steiner and Philip Deleo

E/W: (1st in A) Edmund Klein Jr. and Carol Gerlach; (1st in B) Susan Shaver and Nancy Espy

04/26. N/S: (1st in A) Ardith Nance and Myrna Baker; (1st in B) Jack Baur and Judy Baur; (1st in C) Walter Chambers and Lawrence Schram

E/W: (1st in A) Edmund Klein Jr. and Robert Binder; (1st in B and C) Connie Reynolds and Cheryl Almond

04/28. N/S: (1st in A and B) Janet Rauscher and Dale L. Frink

E/W: (1st in A) Richard Catero and Gordon Markham; (1st in B) Janice Manning and Jim Randall

04/29. N/S: (1st in A) Charles Quenneville and Janet Daling; (1st in B) Karin Molleman and Dorothy Hanko; (1st in C) Alan Behr and Colette Goldstein

E/W: (1st in A) Robert Brower and Roger Edwards; (1st in B and C) Jim Randall and Janice Manning

Novice Bridge

Susan Stewart

The 99er/199er Board Representative and is Susan Stewart; phone 480-895-6385. All games are held at Risen Savior Lutheran Church, 23914 S. Alma School Rd., unless otherwise announced.

The 0-99er Novice Group meets Thursday mornings with a review lesson at 8:15 a.m., partners suggested but not required. The 0-199er Intermediate Group meets Tuesday afternoons at 1:30 p.m., Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m., except that on the second Saturdays it meets at 12:30 p.m. and these sessions are with your partner. All players may attend Open Games.

If you need a partner for Tuesdays or for Open Games please contact the Players’ Pairs Assistant at [email protected] Check online at under Sun Lakes DBC, for unit information.

Monthly Hint: When passing the final bid all players are required to put their pass card on the table, and tapping the table is considered inappropriate etiquette.

Top Restricted 0-199er Game for April: April 15 Barbara Hewitt and Doris Brown 69.51 percent

04/01. N/S: (1st in A) Sharon Graham and Pat Graham; (1st in B) Bill Reisenbuchler and Ed Bader; (1st in C) Lorraine Wangsness and Craig Holstad

E/W: (1st in A) Cynthia Donohoe and Barbara Hewitt; (1st in B and C) JoAnne Roney and Janice Grimes

0415. N/S: (1st in A) Barbara Hewitt and Doris Brown; (1st in B and C) Patricia Dantzscher and Phil Dantzscher

E/W: (1st in A) Sandra Labute and Marie Hargus; (1st in B) Kathleen Gulka and Katherine Gibbs

04/22. N/S: (1st in A, B and C) Lorraine Wangsness and Craig Holstad

E/W: (1st in A) Howard Maves and Sandy Jennings; (1st in B*) Lily Poole and Bonnie Butler; (1st in B* and C) Rita Myrann and Vicki Aubrey

04/24. N/S: (1st in A) Ginny Marr and Charlie Jewart; (1st in B) Connie Reynolds and Cheryl Almond

E/W: (1st in A and B) Judy Lamers and Patricia Dantzscher; (1st in C) Cathy Davis and Kathleen Garrett

04/29. N/S: (1st in A) Bette Samuels and Sue Mullins; (1st in B and C) Lorraine Wangsness and Craig Holstad

E/W: (1st in A) Gloria Schrote and Joyce Ketchum; (1st in B and C) Linda Leibole and Ted Leibole

*indicates a tie

Oakwood Monday Afternoon Social Partnership Bridge

04/14. 1st Newell Orr and Paul Budrick, 2nd Rosemary and Ken Shutts, 3rd Maurine and Bill Howell; Grand Slam: Edmund and Dorothy Thurman

04/21. 1st Dorothy Thurman and Irene Edmund, 2nd Paul Budrick and Newell Orr, 3rd Joyce Rasmussen and Bill Moy; Slam (small): Paul Budrick and Newell Orr

04/28. 1st Eleanor Hinerichsen and Jim Mildenberg, 2nd Paul Budrick and Newell Orr; 3rd Donna and Dick Briner; Slam (large): Eleanor Hinerichsen and Jim Mildenberg

05/05. 1st Donna and Dick Briner, 2nd Pat Schindele and Homer Bram, 3rd Dee Siehl and June Heinz; Slam (small): Dee Siehl and June Heinz

05/14. 1st Peter Hall and Newell Orr, 2nd Hinerichsen and Jim Mildenberg, 3rd June Heinz and Karen Michael; Slam (small): Eleanor Hinerichsen and Jim Mildenberg

Sun Lakes 12:30 p.m. Tuesday Social Bridge

04/14. 1st Joyce Rasmussen, 2nd Dee Siehl, 3rd Dorothy Thurman

04/22. 1st Irene Edmunds, 2nd Fred Schneider, 3rd Barbara Gillin; Slam: Irene Edmunds and Fred Schneider

04/29. 1st Dee Siehl, 2nd Jeannie Kitzman, 3rd Maurine Howell

05/06. 1st Joyce Rasmussen, 2nd Dee Siehl, 3rd Barbara Dewell and Doris Blinn

Cottonwood Ladies Thursday Bridge

Norma Swanson

Recent winners for Cottonwood Ladies Thursday Bridge are as follows:

04/03. 1st Gena Lea Johnson, 2nd Gloria Danker, 3rd Bert Sisk; Hostesses: Jan Schupback, Nadine Cordts and Bunny Abbott

04/10. 1st Karen Harnish, 2nd Dee Siehl, 3rd Carla Reed; -7 No Trump: Karen Harnish and Barb Hazlett; Hostesses: Betty Smith, Mona Ribling and Dee Siehl

04/17. 1st Judy Ligas, 2nd Dee Siehl, 3rd Cora Zuchowski; Hostesses: Jean Womack, Ruth Pederson and Alice Carlson

04/24. 1st Cora Zuchowski, 2nd Judy Ligas, 3rd Karen Sanchez; Hostesses: Ruth Pederson, Lois Buttke and Nan Hare

The Cottonwood Ladies Bridge Association, as always, welcomes any woman, owner or renter, who lives in Sun Lakes. To make a reservation for Thursday please call Alice Garner at 895-9074 by noon on Tuesday prior to Thursday play. A cancellation by Tuesday noon prior to Thursday play will be appreciated.

To report a member’s illness call Joan Koch at 895-2938.

Iron/Oak Ladies Friday Bridge

04/11. 1st Jean Womack, 2nd Karen Harnish; Hostesses: Jeanne Kitzman and Gloria Danker

04/18. 1st Gloria Zinke, 2nd Betty Smith; Hostesses: Ruth Hiner and Lois Hauge

04/25. 1st Gloria Zinke, 2nd Maurine Howell; Hostesses: Jan Feldenaur and Barbara Dewell

05/02. 1st Ruth Hiner, 2nd Jeanne Kitzman; Hostesses: Eileen Goldenson and Doris Krenek

Fourth Friday Party Bridge

The Fourth Party Bridge met on April 25 at the Palo Verde Country Club.

Winners were: 1st Gloria Danker, 2nd Helen Yarnall, 3rd Patty Kroger; Dee Siehl won the door prize. Please call Bette Samuels for reservations at 895-2998. Cancellations are due by Wednesday week of play.

Sun Lakes Country Club Saturday Couples Bridge

04/19. 1st Audrey Cates and Dot Bradey, 2nd Doris and Ed Krenek, 3rd Dee Siehl and Sue Mullins; Slam (tie): Dennis Spirlong and Paula Herzstein and Dot Brady and Audrey Cates

04/26. 1st Karen Harnish and Evy Salisbury, 2nd Joyce Rasmussen and Joyce Robinson, 3rd Shelley Spirlong and Peter Hall

05/03. 1st Maurine Howell and Evy Salisbury, 2nd Eleanor Gold and Lydia Kalsch, 3rd Jeannie Kitzman and Newell Orr; Slam: Jeannie Kitzman and Newell Orr

05/10. 1st Dorris and Ed Krenek, 2nd Pat Schindele and Phil Hanson, 3rd Edna Cunningham and Lee Probert; Slam: Newell Orr and Paul Budrick