Camp Hilby Team Are Sun Division Tourney Champs

Camp Hilby team members (left to right): Bill Jacobson, Randy Neumann, Dave Platt, Marty Hobby, Dennis Dalton, Mike Lebet, Cyndy Hilby (team sponsor), Eli Romanchych, Bobby Farmer, Kelly Anderson, Dan Melosi, and Mgr. Mike Gloyd

Larry Wolfe

The Spring Sun Division Tournament was held over three days in April, with Manager Mike Gloyd’s Camp Hilby team winning the championship. Here’s a game-by-game recap of the tourney:

In the opener, Camp Hilby cruised to a 29-18 win over Manager Joe Commisto’s Redeemed Team. Marty Hobby led the way for the Campers, going 5 for 5 with two homers. Bobby Farmer also went 5 for 5, with Dan Melosi and Bill Jacobson adding long balls. Joe Dilabio, Dennis Henderson, Mark McKinnon, and George Siegele “went yard” for the losers.

In game two, Camp Hilby eked out an 11-8 win over Manager Ron Carmichael’s Spooner PT squad. Marty Hobby continued to lead the way, going 3 for 4 with two more HRs. Dave Dalton, Bobby Farmer, and Randy Neumann also banged out three hits each, with Bill Jacobson homering again. Tom Chilton and Thom Stephens each had three hits for the Redeemers.

The Redeemed Team then eliminated Spooner PT 22-19. Brad Wendt and Bob Wicks had four hits each for the winners, with Joe Dilabio, George Siegele, Mark McKinnon, and Wicks adding homers. Jon Hendrikse, Bob Reed, and Thom Stephens all had four hits for Spooner, with Stephens and Mike Lebet homering.

The Redeemers beat Camp Hilby 20-14 in extra innings to stay alive. Thom Stephens had four hits, including a homer, while four teammates also hit long-balls: Jerry Tuman, Dennis Henderson, George Siegele, and Joe Dilabio. Marty Hobby again led the Campers, going 4 for 4 with three homers. Mike Lebet and Bill Jacobson also homered.

Camp Hilby rolled to an easy 21-9 win over the Redeemers in the championship game. Dennis Dalton, Bobby Farmer, and Dave Platt all had four safeties for the winners. Jerry Tuman had three hits to lead the Redeemers. George Siegele homered.

Marty Hobby had an incredible tournament, going 16 for 17 (.941) with seven homeruns. Dave Platt, Thom Stephens, and Bob Wicks all hit .800 or better, while George Siegele added four homers and Joe Dilabio three.

Congrats to Mike Gloyd and the entire Camp Hilby team!