Canada vs. USA (Can/Am) Last Competitive Event of the Season

Canadian team

American team

Penny Petersen

Everyone looks forward to the Can/Am Tournament, the last big event of the Cottonwood Tennis Club’s competitive season. It is a one-day event, always on Saturday. Since Sun Lakes has many residents who come from Canada and have a limited time they are able to stay, this tournament marks the end of the competitive season.

Some people native to the U.S. donated their skills to the Canadians for the day so that there were enough players representing Canada to make the competition interesting. There were 80 participants and 25 matches played, and the competition ended in a tie. Thanks go to Tournament Director Jay Ketter for his work putting the matches together.

Banners from both countries decorated Court 1, and the parade that led up to the competition began with a sea of red shirts. Both the Canadian national anthem and the American national anthem were played.

Lunch is always one of the highlights of the day, as the kitchen crew treats everyone to Canadian specialties and dessert delicacies. I think I saw someone going back for thirds of dessert.

Although this was the end of the “Competitive Season,” the tennis continues throughout the summer. Mondays and Wednesdays are women’s days, Tuesdays and Thursdays are men’s days, and Fridays are for mixed doubles. Night play is “first-come, first-served.” Summer play is normally the first thing in the morning or slightly before dark. Players must sign up for daytime play. Evening play is first-come, first-served. Early mornings or evenings are best during June, July, and August. We don’t want players to pass out from the heat.

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