Other Card Results – February 2015



Lady Joker’s Wild Ponytail Canasta

The Lady Joker’s Wild Ponytail Canasta card group which meets on Sunday afternoons in the Bradford Room of the Oakwood Clubhouse gathered recently for a holiday picture; those pictured are front row (left to right) Ellie Tandy, Gerri Deublein, Kathi Bobek; second row Thelma Neuman, Ruth Muenzer, Virginia Woodbeck, Anna Cody, Toni Kopaz; back row Susan Gottschalk, Ellen Hellman, Pat Goldberg, Kay Wilke, Sandy Bealmear



Lady Joker’s Hand and Foot Group

The Lady Joker’s Wild Hand and Foot card group which meets on Thursday afternoon in the Bradford Room of the Oakwood Clubhouse, gathered recently for a holiday picture; those pictured are front row (left to right) Bev Plimpton, Sandy Bealmear, Sharon Barnes, Karen Ryan; second row Ruth Muenzer, Fran Malinak, Ellie Tandy, Anna Cody, Gerri Deublein, Kathi Bobek, Patty LeVoir; third row Lois Hauge, Patty Assante, Shirley Hutchings, Virginia Woodbeck, Shirley Sobotta, Rita Stadler, Ellen Hellman, Carolyn Rogers, Meredith Thompson, Betty Perry, Pat Goldberg, Laura Sahlin, Susan Gottschalk and Toni Kopaz

Tuesday Cribbage

12/02. 1st Carol Douglas 12-94, 2nd Michael Roberts 11-67, 3rd Lydia Kolsch 3-120

12/09. 1st Bill Bade 12-87, 2nd Jean Drenthe 12-69, 3rd Stan Wengrzyn 11-76; Low: Patty Donahue

12/16. 1st Milt Knutson 12-92, 2nd Jean Drenthe 10-73, 3rd Bill Bade 10-63; Low: Lydia Kolsch 2-67; 24 Hand: Eldon Drenthe

12/23. 1st Dan Kitto 15-144, 2nd Richard Lewin 10-37, 3rd Patty Donahue 10-33; Low: Rudy Gerstner 3-77; 24 Hand: Lydia Kolsch, Dan Kitto, Patty Donahue and Annette Kitto; Perfect Score: Dan Kitto 7 wins

12/30. 1st Bill Bade 11-85, 2nd Dan Kitto 11-67, 3rd Jean Drenthe 10-63; Low: Richard Lewin 3-75

Wednesday Cribbage

12/03. 1st Stan Wengrzyn 11-70, 2nd Cele Kuepper 7-32, 3rd Jerry Kazeck 6-16; High Hand: Cele Kuepper and Jerry Kazeck 24

12/17. 1st Stan Wengrzyn 15-111, 2nd Dan Kitto, 3rd Keith Haveland 13-65; High Hand: Dan Kitto 21; High Crib: Cele Kuepper 16

Thursday Cribbage

12/04. 1st Milt Knutson 13-95, 2nd Stan Wengrzyn 11-50, Low: Carol Douglas 4-52

12/11. 1st Michael Roberts 10-35, 2nd Lydia Kolsch 8-21, Low: Richard Lewin 4-74, 24 hand: Lydia Kolsch

12/17. 1st Richard Lewin 11-83, 2nd Michael Roberts 11-33, Low: Lydia Kolsch 3-20


Join us for Euchre cards every Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

12/14. Women: 1st Bunny Sullivan 74, 2nd Joyce Viveiros 72, 3rd Lydia Kolsch 71; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 67, 2nd Jerome Schultz 65, 3rd Dan Kitto 64

12/21. Women: 1st Lydia Kolsch 77, 2nd Arlene Burkhardt 70, 3rd (tie) Ruth Hiner and Linda Whitacre 68; Men: 1st Roger Hurley 88, 2nd Steve Kauffman 83, 3rd Gene Kindle 76

12/28. Women: 1st Virginia Hager 70, 2nd Bunny Sullivan 67, 3rd Phyllis Koever 66; Men: 1st Konrad Spicker 73, 2nd Gene Kindle 65, 3rd Bob Carnes 64

01/04. Women: 1st Annette Kitto 70, 2nd Holly Hiner 69, 3rd Carolyn Searle 67; Men: 1st Larry Stoner 70, 2nd Neil Olin 68, 3rd Dave Engle

Thursday Double Deck Pinochle

The group is back in town and now that the holidays are over, come play double deck Pinochle. We have open play every Thursday evening from 6:30-9:30 p.m. in the heated/air conditioned Sewing Room of the Oakwood Arts and Craft center. Newcomers, experienced or novice, are always welcome; single players, couples or groups. Arrive early before we start any Thursday evening for a refresher or beginner lesson on how to play double deck Pinochle.

For more information contact Jerry Alexander at 480-883-7595.

12/18.1st Jerry Alexander 1,424, 2nd Celeste Dorsey 1,295, 3rd Dave Dorsey 1,217; Double Aces: Roger Berenson

01/08. 1st Rich O’Brian 1,429, 2nd Evan Owen 1,186, 3rd Marlene Hinkle 1,054; Double Run: Rich O’Brian

Wednesday Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle cards every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the A-7 Painting Room at Cottonwood Clubhouse.

12/10. Women: 1st LaVaun Hill 867, 2nd Marlene Hinkle 826, 3rd Yvonne Beloney 738; Men: 1st Ozzie Zubchevich 759, 2nd Dave Dorsey 754, 3rd Joe Biondo 699

12/17. Women: 1st Dianna Roeder 709, 2nd Arlene Burkhardt 639, 3rd Yvonne Beloney 637; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 720, 2nd Ozzie Zubchevich 651, 3rd Joe Biondo 639

12/24. No cards

12/31. No cards

01/07. Women: 1st Christine LaMont 755, 2nd Jeanne Donatello 669, 3rd Linda Hackett 644; Men: 1st Jerome Schultz 761, 2nd Roger Bergerson 713, 3rd Steve Kauffman 674

Friday Pinochle

Join us for Pinochle cards every Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Friendship Room of Sun Lakes Country Club.

12/12. Women: 1st Olive Engle 795, 2nd Joyce Viveiros 785, 3rd Darlene Thompson 761; Men: 1st Dennis Mulcahy 779, 2nd Dave Smits 762, 3rd Gary Tanghe 672

12/19. Christmas party – large turnout with four extra winners

12/26. Women: 1st Darlene Thompson 723, 2nd Marina Fleetwood 690, 3rd Marcy Parker 679; Men: 1st Steve Kauffman 739, 2nd Jerome Schultz 725, 3rd Konrad Spicker

01/02. Women: 1st Betty Echgelmeier 777, 2nd Marcy Parker 775, 3rd Darlene Thompson; Men: 1st Ken Reidenbach 768, 2nd Woody Jones 644, 3rd Konrad Spicker 641