Cast Selected for SLCT’s Upcoming Summer Show

Pictured (left to right) are Jess Alberts, Kathy Miller, Phyllis Novy, Sally Holberg, and Janine Schneck. (Photo by Kate Turner)

Director Merrie Crawford and her assistant director Nancy Patterson had a tough job choosing among the talented actresses who auditioned for Sun Lakes Community Theatre’s upcoming summer production of The Sweet Delilah Swim Club.

“Everyone who auditioned could have played any one of these parts,” Merrie said afterward. “I have never seen such a strong audition group in the 24 years with SLCT.” So, the five actresses who will be delighting audience members July 18 through July 22 in the San Tan Ballroom should feel quite proud of themselves for being awarded their roles.

The play takes place in the living room of a beach cottage on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The five characters graduated from the same school where they competed together in the women’s swim club. They reunite each year in the cottage to catch up on each other’s lives. Sheree Hollinger, the former team captain, will be played by Janine Schneck. Dinah Grayson, the wise-cracking lawyer, will be portrayed by Sally Holberg. Lexie Richards, a Southern belle with an eye for the men, will be played by SLCT newcomer Jess Alberts. Jeri Neal McFeeley, a perky nun, will be played by Kathy Miller. And, finally, Vernadette Simms, the hard-luck case with a positive attitude, will be portrayed by Phyllis Novy, a veteran of the stage with SLCT.

Audiences are in for a treat when these five appear together on stage in The Sweet Delilah Swim Club this summer. For more information on when and how to get tickets, go to