Cheers Singles are enjoying holiday fun!

Ann Kisner, Publicity

October was a busy month. We participated in the Open Houses in the ballrooms at Oakwood and Cottonwood. We had nice interest in our club and had several people join our group. Sally’s “Party of the Year” was a tremendous success. It was wine tasting taken to a more elaborate level. Appetizers at Happy Hour on the third Thursday of the month was a success, thanks to Mary Ellen and her crew. The Halloween Potluck Party brought out the bad in all of us. We had lots of fun with the costumes.

Here we are in the beginning of December. Where did this year go? Our travelers are back from their adventures. “The Buffalo Round Up” (I kid you not) in South Dakota and “Cruising Down the Danube” are some of the fun places they have been. Closer-to-home day trips included a picnic in Payson and lunch in Sedona. We are a very adventuresome group. Richard has a lot of travel in store for you next year. Be sure to check the bulletin board on Thursdays at Happy Hour at The Poolside Café.

If you are a single out there living in Sun Lakes, SunBird or Springfield, you are welcome to join us for Happy Hour at Poolside Café in Oakwood on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. We would love to have you become a member. If you want more information, call Ginny Marr at 883-0600 or Richard Lewin at 525-3630. v