Cheers Singles Prepare for the Holidays

Ann Kisner

Here we are heading into fall and all the holiday activities. It’s time to think about how we are going to celebrate. Hopefully, COVID-19 will be gone or detained. Unfortunately, it may still be out there. It is best we plan ahead for whatever may be happening out there.

Let’s have a calendar for the next three or four months. That gives us time to plan ahead and participate in the activities. No excuses. You have had lots of time with little to do the last few months.

Just so you know, Sally Wegryn and Sue Agnew have been at it again. They are going to estate sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, and regular stores, always looking for things for our Hamilton High School families. This has become a passion for them, because they know how much these families need, especially now. Please consider helping Sally and Sue out by either sending them a check to help with their purchases or collecting items of food, school supplies, or hygiene items and bring them to Sally’s house. This is our main contribution to our community, so please contribute what you can. Sally’s address is 9322 E. Crystal Drive, Oakwood, and her phone number is 203-470-0733. Sue’s phone number is 480-491-3774.

Plan ahead Holiday Calendar for Cheers members:


Donate to Hamilton High. How about Halloween candy treats as well as healthy food?

Put a pumpkin at your front door or mailbox.

Plan your Halloween costume for a “Zoom” show online.


Donate to Hamilton High. How about some pumpkin treats?

Turkey Time—Dig out your favorite recipes and post them on our website at

December—Christmas and Hanukkah

Add some extra-special holiday treats for Hamilton High students in need.

Time to decorate again for the holidays!

Maybe we can go holiday caroling on Zoom.

January 2021

Yeah! We made it! Happy New Year!