Chorale Spring Concert update

Jan Ott

Concertgoers filled the Sun Lakes United Methodist Church on the evening of Friday, March 18, responding loyally to the Chorale’s reputation and its promise of a varied program that would touch their hearts and memories.

Pre-concert publicity spoke of “fascinating rhythm” and it came in several exciting forms. Along with the Chorale’s spirited rendition of that same well-known song, the audience was introduced to guest trumpet player Kevin Bollinger who soloed as part of Alexander’s Ragtime Band and also performed a duet with Cris Evans. Kevin is a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, currently plays in two jazz bands out of Denver, and is employed by the government in the technology field. He is the son of Chorale member Betsy Bollinger.

Another treat for concert-goers was 11-year-old Kate Emerick, who lives in Gilbert with her parents, two older siblings and their dog, Alex. Her youthful charm and voice brought special meaning to the Chorale’s version of Let There Be Peace on Earth. Kate is the granddaughter of Cris Evans.

Information regarding the Chorale’s Holiday Concert will be announced in September. Interested and experienced singers in the Sun Lakes and SunBird communities may wish to visit a Friday afternoon rehearsal when the season resumes. All rehearsals and concerts are held at the Sun Lakes United Methodist Church on Riggs Road in Sun Lakes. To learn more about the group, its origins and leadership, visit the Chorale’s website at

This group and its participants thank you for your support!