Chordaires Show Chorus Is Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Sandra Bocynesky

We’re rolling out the red carpet, and you are invited. The Chordaires Show Chorus of Sun Lakes is getting ready for their 40th annual spring performance titled A Walk on the Red Carpet. The show will feature Grammy- and Oscar-winning songs from the last few decades. Think you know what they are? When the emcee pulls the winner’s names out of the envelope, will you be surprised or would you have surmised? In addition, the Chordaires’ Music Committee voted on a lifetime achievement winner, and that will be announced at their show, too. We are keeping a little mystery around the titles of the songs, but your patience will be rewarded as they bring down the house with another musical journey of winning tunes.

So, get ready. Mark your calendar for March 28 at 3 p.m. and hop on over to the San Tan Ballroom in Cottonwood for this fabulous show.