Christmas drama returns for special presentation

Tom Owen

Tom Owen

A popular play returns to Sun Lakes for a December performance of the Christmas drama, I, Joseph, detailing the emotions that must have been experienced by Joseph. It explores the emotions that Joseph would have felt when learning that Mary, his fiancée, was pregnant, while proclaiming she remained a virgin. I, Joseph was presented last year in the San Tan Ballroom to rave reviews from those in attendance.

“It is my pleasure to bring this unique presentation back to Sun Lakes,” says writer/performer, Tom Owen. Tom is a licensed minister and an experienced actor who has been featured as product spokesman in local TV commercials in the Phoenix market.

“Technically this is a soliloquy,” says Owen. “A play involves multiple characters, sets and costumes. A soliloquy is the remembrances and reflections of one person.” Owen explains, “I guarantee the theater of your mind will create much more vivid images than any sets or costumes.”

We are informed that the 2016 I, Joseph is a new and expanded edition. The December performance may be seen in the Arizona Room at the Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Boulevard, starting at 4:00 p.m. on December 17.

I, Joseph has a deeply stirring conclusion that is guaranteed to touch every heart deeply. One lady has said, “I am 77 years old, and can honestly say that I don’t remember anything that has stirred me so deeply as I, Joseph.”

Admission is free of charge.