Cisneros, Hill finish 1-2 in Lucky Shot Tournament

Gary Vacin

Jerry Cisneros and Jack Hill finished first and second, respectively, in Eight-Ball and Nine-Ball Pockets 1 as play concluded in the Lucky Shot Pool Club’s fall tournament.

The tournament included two Nine-Ball and five Eight-Ball pockets, with players competing in round-robin play. Competition began January 1 in the club’s winter tournament. The organization also has a spring tournament beginning March 1 and two summer tournaments.

Players wishing to sign up for the spring tournament are encouraged to call Steve Colby, tournament director, at 839-6125.

Fall tournament results follow:

Nine Ball, Pocket 1: 1. Jerry Cisneros, 2. Jack Hill, 3. Loren Boulanger

Nine Ball, Pocket 2: 1. Michael O’Rourke, 2. Jeff Michelin; Jim Leckner

Eight Ball, Pocket 1: 1, Jerry Cisneros, 2. Jack Hill, 3. Bill Groves

Eight Ball, Pocket 2: 1, Roy Partridge, 2. Brian Claflin, 3. Loren Boulanger

Eight Ball, Pocket 3: 1. Rick Boyd, 2. Dave Marcus, 3. Fred Smith

Eight Ball, Pocket 3: 1. Michael O’Rourke, 2. Steve Colby, 3. Keith Tookey

Eight Ball, Pocket 4: 1. Curtis Stearns, 2. Rick Nelson, 3. Jerry Becker

Eight Ball, Pocket 4: 1. J. R. Schneider, 2. Bill Mazejko, 3. Patrick Schindele