CLGA December news

Handicap Tournament winner Jan Martin

Handicap Tournament winner Jan Martin

Mary Nelson

On November 3 the CLGA event was the Badge Game. In a badge game players must add a stroke for hitting a tree, landing in a bunker, going out of bounds and three putting. Results from the tournament are as follows: Flight 1: 1st Kathryn Campbell, 2nd Billie Seiberling, 3rd (tie) Maretta Emery and Nadine Sanders; Flight 2: 1st Marilyn Mitchell, 2nd (tie) Rita Healy, Judy Onken and Cindy Ryan; Flight 3: 1st Sheri Butler, 2nd Jan Martin, 3rd Virginia Diers; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Caroline Brown and Diane Kruse, 3rd Terry Tyler

On November 10 the CLGA event was a Minnesota Scramble; first place winners were Mikki Rydell, Ellie Franklin and Carolyn Agre; second place went to Patty Assante, Rita Healy, Joanne Malackanich and Diane Kruse and third place went Cathy Bass, Diane Tenney, Gloria Combs and Diana Ridd.

The CLGA handicap tournament was held November 17 and December 1. The overall winner was Jan Martin. First flight winner is Paddy Newton, second place Penny Nowicki and third place Maretta Emery. Second flight winner is pat Tjosvold, second place Rita Healy and third place Kathryn Campbell. Third flight winner is Joan Seckels, second place Jo Crook and third place Lusca Buzbee. Fourth flight winner is Gloria Combs, second place Janet Quade and third Place Julie Curran.

The East Valley Cottonwood team is currently in third place Gross and Net. They have played in the first match of the season on November 7 at San Marcos; the second match was at Dobson on November 28 and the third match was held at The Duke on December 5. The standings are currently as follows: Gross: Oakwood 127.5, Coyote Run 123.5, Cottonwood 107, Robson Ranch 105.5, Lone Tree 104.5, Foothills 98.5, Ken McDonald 96.5, Apache Wells 85.5, Dobson 83.5, San Marcos 76.5, The Duke 71.5. Net: Coyote Run 116.5, Robson Ranch 114.5, Cottonwood 112, Oakwood 110, Foothills 109.5, Lone Tree 106, Ken McDonald 97, Apache Wells 96.5, Dobson 76.5.

December 8 was the CLGA Christmas Party and the event a Santa Scramble. Winners are as follows:

First place team Cathy Bass, Rita Healy, Molly Westgate and Ruby Meyer, second place team in a three way tie were Patty Assante, Joni Hiller, Debbie Munt, Genene Gude and Mary Lu Esget, Sharon McGregor, Pat McRoberts, Paula Lazutin and Penny Nowicki, Cindy Ryan, Sandy Johnson and Susan Lamb.

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