CLGA news

Mary Nelson

The July 12 results of the Total Putts with a Twist event are 1st Place Nancy Gahn, 2nd Place Mary Anne Lofquist and 3rd Place Virginia Diers.

The July 19 results of the Criers’ Tournament event are 1st Place Mary Anne Loftquist, 2nd Place Mary Nelson and 3rd Place Sherri Butler.

The July 26 results of the Net T’s and F’s Holes event are 1st Place Billie Seiberling, 2nd Place Molly Westgate and 3rd Place Mary Nelson.

The August 9 results of the Holes O.N.E.S Net Points event are: 1st Place Mary Nelson, 2nd Place Billie Seiberling and 3rd Place Sherri Butler.

Congratulations to all the winners.