CLGA news

Mary Nelson

Results of the CLGA Orange Ball event on September 14 are as follows: First place tie were the teams of Sandy Worden, Penny Nowicki and Rose Hames and Mary Lu Esget, Nancy Gahn and Virginia Diers.

Results of the CLGA Guess Your Score event on September 21 are as follows: First place tie Trudy Houghton, Pat Tjosvold, Sandy Worden, Rose Hames, Pat McRoberts and Gloria Combs. All players were within one stroke of their guessed score.

Results of the CLGA O N E S event on September 28 are as follows: First place Pat McRoberts, Nadine Sanders, Joni Hiller and Zara Logan with a score of 38

Results of the CLGA Putts with a Twist event on October 5 are as follows: Flight 1 – 1st Mikki Rydell, 2nd Nancy Hermanson, 3rd Sandy Johnson; Flight 2 – 1st Sherri Butler, 2nd Zara Logan, 3rd Pat McRoberts

Congratulations to all the winners. The new season for CLGA begins November 1. Lots to do to get ready.