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Mary Nelson

Results of the CLGA Match Play tournament held in January: Flight 1: 1st Mary Lu Esget, 2nd Paddy Newton, 3rd (tie) Cathy Bass and Nadine Sanders; Flight 2: 1st Terry Gaube, 2nd Mary Anne Lofquist, 3rd (tie) Rachel Rainville and Kathryn Campbell; Flight 3: 1st Nancy Gahn, 2nd Judy Onken, 3rd (tie) Barb Smith and Sandy Worden; Flight 4: 1st Ellie Franklin, 2nd Diane Papaioannou, 3rd (tie) Mary Ann Sorenson and Virginia Diers; Flight 5: 1st Jane Lewis, 2nd Gloria Combs, 3rd (tie) Marilyn Mitchell and Diane Kruse; Flight 6: 1st Carolyn Agre, 2nd Jeannette Chenier, 3rd (tie) Connie Gray and Noelle Friesen

Results of the CLGA Alternate Game Even Holes January 25: Flight 1: 1st (tie) Trudy Houghton and Karen Forster, 3rd Barb Almond; Flight 2: 1st Pat McRoberts, 2nd Joan Seckels, 3rd Lori Whitney

Billie Seiberling and Sandy Worden played in the State Medallion on January 13 at Oakwood Country Club and placed second in their flight.

Congratulations to all the winners!