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Mary Nelson

April 4 and 19 PICO (Palo Verde, Ironwood, Cottonwood and Oakwood) Tournament results:

1st Place team with a score of 210: Anne Annis IW, Pauline Boyd OW, Jan Nelson PV and Ruby Meyer CW. 2nd Place team with a score of 225: Glo Malmberg OW, Rita Healy CW, Randean Rex IW, and Rita Benfer PV. 3rd Place team with a score of 229: Cindy Reinerstine OW, Fran Kelly IW, Marilyn Mitchell CW and Rita Raymond PV.

April 26th results of the Field Shots event:

Flight 1 – 1st Place: Nadine Sanders, 2nd Place: Nancy Hermanson, 3rd Place tie: Rachel Rainville and Mary Anne Lofquist

Flight 2 – 1st Place: Rita Healy, 2nd Place tie: Sherri Butler and Trudy Houghton

Flight 3 – 1st Place tie: Sue Adamson and Pat McRoberts, 3rd Place: Virginia Diers.

May 5th results of the Gross Points Game:

Flight 1 – 1st Place: Billie Seiberling, 2nd Place: Penny Nowicki, 3rd Place: Patti Hegenbarth

Flight 2 – 1st Place: Rita Healy, 2nd Place: Jan Martin, 3rd Place tie: Judy Onken and Pat Tjosvold

Flight 3 – 1st Place: Lori Whitney, 2nd Place: Virginia Diers, 3rd Place tie: Gloria Combs and Nelda Machutas.

May 10th results of the Scramble event:

1st Place team: Nadine Sanders, Molly Westgate, Virginia Diers and Lori Whitney.

2nd Place team: Mary Nelson, Sandy Johnson, Barb Senneff and Martha Foster.

Congratulations to all the winners.