CLGA News and Scores

Cindy Edwards

Judy Onken

Our season opener on Nov. 4 was fittingly a team game of Select-a-Drive, and the winners by a six-stroke margin included Captain Mikki Rydell with stalwart partners Trudy Houghton, Rita Healy, and Alice Barber. This was followed by our first major, the Handicap Tournament. The two-week competition was closely contested, with the overall winner Cindy Edwards. Cindy bested flight winners 1, 2, and 4 by just one stroke. Those winners were Nadine Sanders, Shelley Carlson, and Rita Healy, respectively. Flight 3 winner was Sandy Worden, and Flight 5 winner was Alice Barber. Play day on Dec. 2 was the T’s and F’s format and, again, the winner by one stroke was Sheila Axtman. Obviously, ladies, one bad hole doesn’t necessarily ruin your game. Keep truckin’!

Our November luncheon provided the opportunity to ratify the election of new officers by unanimous consent. We welcomed new and returning members Sheila Axtman, Lucia Buzbee, Janis Drummond, Deb Feist, Karen Fischer, Noelle Friesen, Terri Gaube, Connie Gray, Sharon Ironside, Liz Kirkpatrick, Annmarie Lauren, Marilyn Mitchell, Ginny Scheer, Diane Tenney, and Lori Whitney. It’s great to have old friends return and have the opportunity to make new ones. We gather on the restaurant patio after golf, weather permitting, and when it gets cold, we’ll move inside. It’s a great time getting to know each other better, enjoy an adult beverage if desired, and brag or bemoan the state of our golf swing.

Special thanks to Zara Logan’s husband John. His photos are so much better than mine!