CLGA playday results

The Cottonwood women challenge Pro Shawn Decker for the best of 18 holes.

The Cottonwood women challenge Pro Shawn Decker for the best of 18 holes.

Janet E. Quade, Publicity

April was an exciting month for the CLGA women, playing golf with a variety of formats. On April 3, the women invited a guest for special golf play with a luncheon. The following two weeks Cottonwood women participated in the Crossover with the women’s golf clubs from Ironwood, Palo Verde and Oakwood. This is always a time to renew old friendships and meet new people from the many players in the Sun Lakes area.

04/03. Member Guest Tournament – Flight 1: 1st Paddy Newton and Gail Shaiger, 2nd Marylana Breit and Sandy Martens, 3rd Mikki Rydell and Karen Jensen; Flight 2: 1st Liz Kirkpatrick and Dianna Houtstra, 2nd Joni Hiller and Sharon Wilson, 3rd Sharon Browne an Iona Yeager; Flight 3: 1st Sheila Strauch and Patricia, 2nd Judy Onken and Mary Fitzke, 3rd Rachel Rainville and Kathy Ivesdal; Flight 4: 1st Sue Adamson and Diane Zitzer, 2nd Cathy Lastofka and Bennie Marie Beaumont, 3rd Lee Sonderman and Florence Wright

04/10 and 04/17. The PICO Crossover two-day play.

04/25. Beat the Pro – The winners were Helen Jeub, Lee Sonderman, Susan Hayward, Nancy Gahn, Donna Purcell, Virginia Diers, Janet Quade, Joan Seckels, Lois Hudson, Joan Irwin, Nancy Hermanson, Dolly Schaedel, Sandy Worden, Mikki Rydell, Rita Healy, Nina Sheldon, Tammy Visser and Gloria Combs.

Golfer:”I’d move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course.” Partner: “Try heaven, you’ve already moved most of the earth.”