CLGA September news

A couple of the winners from the last months play. Mary Nelson and Nancy Gahn

A couple of the winners from the last months play. Mary Nelson and Nancy Gahn

Mary Nelson

On September 15 the CLGA event was a points game. In a points game players get a set amount of points for bogey, par, birdie, etc. Results from the tournament are as follows: Flight 1: 1st Nancy Gahn, 2nd Mary Lu Esget, 3rd (tie) Nadine Sanders and Mary Nelson; Flight 2: 1st Molly Westgate, 2nd (tie) Christy Thomas and Sherri Butler

On September 22nd the CLGA event was Mutt and Jeff only counting the scores from the par 3’s and 5’s. Flight 1: 1st Sharon McGregor, 2nd (tie) Penny Nowicki and Tracy Rice; Flight 2: 1st Pat McRoberts, 2nd (tie) Gloria Combs, Virginia Diers and Julie Curran

The September 29 CLGA event was Blind Draw Partners, in which there partners are randomly drawn and their combined scores are used; 1st Rose Hames and Mary Nelson, 2nd Sandy Worden and Donna Purcell, 3rd Diana Ridd and Nancy Gahn

The October 6 CLGA event was Low Gross and Low Net – Flight 1: Low Gross: 1st (tie) Nancy Hermanson and Mary Nelson with a score of 87; Low Net: 1st Westgate and Nina Sheldon with a net score of 70; Flight 2: Low Gross: 1st Joan Seckels with a score of 98, 2nd Judy Onken with a score of 99; Low Net: 1st Virginia Diers with a net score of 70, 2nd Julie Curran with a net score of 72; Flight 3 Low Gross: 1st Paula Lazutin with a score of 111, 2nd Caroline Brown with a score of 113; Low Net: (tie) Helen Jeub and Ginger Henry with a net score of 77.

There will be a luncheon meeting of the CLGA on November 10 after golf. Put your entry into the black box by the bulletin board and sign up on the sheet. The deadline for sign up is Sunday, November 6.

See you on the course and stay cool!