CMGA April Results

Buddy Meola

Golf continued to be played using the social distancing recommendations of the Arizona governor and health officials. Many of our Canadian members had departed for home, so the fields were smaller but just as competitive.

April 4 was the Ace of Aces Qualifier. The Low Gross and Low Net scores from each flight qualified for next year’s tournament.

First Flight Low Gross – Bruce Beelman, First Flight Low Net – Paul Brauer, Second Flight Low Gross – Jim Rumpler, Second Flight Low Net – Michael Moore, Third Flight Low Gross – Bob Schmoekel, Third Flight Low Net – Tom Mcload, Fourth Flight Low Gross – Steve Martz, Fourth Flight Low Net – Francisco Venegas

April 11 was a Low Gross/Low Net competition by flight.

First Flight Low Gross – Bob Tomsett, First Flight Low Net – Dennis Heberlien, Second Flight Low Gross – Marty Hobby, Second Flight Low Net – Tim Healy, Third Flight Low Gross – Don Decleene, Third Flight Low Net – Jerry Cisneros, Fourth Flight Low Gross – Jerry Johnston, Fourth Flight Low Net – Jeff Sedlack, Fifth Flight Low Gross – Steve Martz, Fifth Flight Low Net – Gerald Brock

April 18 was the challenging three clubs and a putter competition. Each competitor was only allowed a choice of three clubs and a putter in their bag. It was a flighted event.

First Flight Low Gross – Bob Tomsett, First Flight Low Net – Buddy Meola, Second Flight Low Gross – William Moore, Second Flight Low Net – Don Vock, Third Flight Low Gross – Paul Homan, Third Flight Low Net – Jim Czaja, Fourth Flight Low Gross – David Marcus, Fourth Flight Low Net – Bill Parsons

April 25 was a two-man pick your partner competition. It was a one ball Low Net team event.

First Flight Low Net Team – Pat Conry and Garrett Bertsch, First Flight Second Low Net Team – Steven Steinhelber and Michael Kopacz, Second Flight Low Net Team – Gary Hunnel and Robert Walk, Second Flight Second Low Net Team – Buddy Meola and Sam Selby, Third Flight Low Net Team – Paul Homan and Hank Clausen, Third Flight Second Low Net Team – John Ladd and Ron Sarnicki, Fourth Flight Low Net Team – Steve Martz and Ken Nelson, Fourth Flight Second Low Net Team – Phil Lucas and Earl Whiteman

In June, the tentative lineup for the month is as follows. As with everything else, they are subject to change as circumstances change.

June 6 will be the Ace of Aces Qualifier.

June 13 will be an AB Select a Drive team competition.

June 20 is the Cottonwood Palo Verde Pros/Presidents competition.

June 27 is the Cottonwood Combo, which is scored by totaling the scores of 2 Par 3s, 2 Par 5s and 5 Par 4s using 1/2 handicap.