CMGA April Results

The annual Ryder Cup competition was a two-day event played March 30 and April 6. Thirty-seven matches were played between evenly handicapped competitors, with points earned for winning the front, back, and total. The Blue team started out strong with a commanding lead on Saturday. The matches on Sunday were hotly contested, but the Blue team dominated and won by a 133-89 final point total over the White team.

On April 13 a flighted Low Gross/Low Net competition was held, with each player playing six holes from the blue tees, six holes from the white tees, and six holes from the red tees.

Flight 1: Low Gross Kip Kaler, Low Net Steven Howard

Flight 2: Low Gross Paul Homan, Low Net Bob Kaczmarek

Flight 3: Low Gross Garrett Bertsch, Low Net Tom McLeod

The monthly Ace of Aces Qualifier was played April 20, with the low gross and low net scores qualifying for the Ace of Aces tournament later this year.

Blue Flight: Low Gross Bruce Pape, Low Net Steven Howard

White Flight 1: Low Gross Mark Higgs, Low Net Ed Frees

White Flight 2: Low Gross Rich Burlingame, Low Net Pat Pennington

White Flight 3: Low Gross Bill Score, Low Net Kevin Gillespie

Green Flight: Low Gross Steven Pearson, Low Net Steve Martz

A two-day competition between CMGA and Palo Verde Men’s Golf Association was played on April 27 and 28. Saturday’s play was at Cottonwood, and Sunday was played at Palo Verde. Twenty-eight two-man teams from each men’s group played matches, with points earned with wins on the front, back, and total. The men of Cottonwood took a 48-36 lead on their home course. The men from Palo Verde showed dominance on their home course, and with a 48-36 point differential, pulled out a two-day tie. Both groups shared pizza and refreshments after play on Sunday.

May events included the Ace of Aces Qualifier, the two-day Eclectic event, and the challenging 3 Clubs and a Putter flighted event.