CMGA December Results and Honoring Rick Miller

Buddy Meola

Each year, the Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association honors the member who demonstrates the most improvement in their golf game. This improvement’s best indicator is shown in how the player is able to lower his Handicap Index in the year in question. The Most Improved Player for 2020 was Rick Miller. Rick started the 2020 Golf Season with a 29.6 Handicap Index and, through hard work, improved to a 17.8 Index. Rick received an engraved trophy and a gift card from all the members of the CMGA. Your fellow CMGA members congratulate you on your achievement.

The first event was held on Dec. 5. It was a flighted Low Gross and Low Net individual play format.

First Flight: Low Gross Bob Tomsett, and Second Low Gross Tom Baker

First Flight: Low Net Pat Conry, and Second Low Net Jack Goyer

Second Flight: Low Gross Dan Vock, and Second Low Gross William Moore

Second Flight: Low Net Larry Frink, and Second Low Net Mark Lynne

Third Flight: Low Gross Paul Homan, and Second Low Gross Buddy Meola

Third Flight: Low Net Jeff Sedlack, and Second Low Net Keith Peterson

Fourth Flight: Low Gross Robert Walk, and Second Low Gross Paul Jorgensen

Fourth Flight: Low Net Mike Rufert, and Second Low Net Thomas Rainville

Fifth Flight: Low Gross Earl Whiteman, and Second Low Gross Ernest Soczka

Fifth Flight: Low Net Tim Fettis, and Second Low Net Dennis Madigan

On Dec. 12 the members played a flighted, two-man team with a 1 Net best ball format.

First Flight: First Place Team: Paul Brauer and Jerry Davis

First Flight: Second Place Team: Pat Conry and Greg Botma

Second Flight: First Place Team: Steve Steinhilber and Mike Kopacz

Second Flight: Second Place Team: Bob Walk and Gary Hunnel

Third Flight: First Place Team: Dean Hermanson and Dale Tyler

Third Flight: Second Place Team: Duane Peyton and Bob Schaedel

Fourth Flight: First Place Team: Steve Martz and Ken Nelson

Fourth Flight: Second Place Team: Terry Cronin and Tim Fettis

Dec. 19 was an Ace of Aces qualifier for 2021 which will be played in early 2022. The Low Gross and Low Net winners in each flight will be added to the qualified list.

First Flight: Low Gross Bruce Beelman, Low Net Steve Ambroso

Second Flight: Low Gross Neal Lordes, Net Philip Carlson

Third Flight: Low Gross Herbye White, Low Net Garrett Bertsch

Fourth Flight: Low Gross Steve Martz, Low Net Hank Clausen

The Dec. 26 event was an ABCD team Low Net with assigned holes for individual scores.

First Place Team: Bob Tomsett, Tim Healy, Garrett Bertsch, Dennis Madigan

Second Place Team: Jack Goyer, Jeff Sedlack, Rick Miller, Steve Gentzkow

Third Place Team: (tie) Fred Smith, Buddy Meola, Steve Martz, Paco Venegas

Third Place Team: (tie) Steve Ambroso, Bob Walk, Pat Hawkins, Jim Kay

Fifth Place Team: Dennis Heberlein, Jerry Cisneros, Bob Kazmarek, Ron Olson

January will have several large events, including the 2020 Ace of Aces and the annual Member/Member.