CMGA event results

Results of recent events:

4/02 Ace of Aces qualifier – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Paul Brauer, 2nd Rusty Williams and Tom Wilhelm; Net: 1st Tom Wilhelm, 2nd Paul Brauer, 3rd Bill Moore; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Dan Paxton and Ron Sarnicki, 3rd Paul Horman; Net: 1st Ron Sarnicki, 2nd Paul Homan, 3rd Don Mugrave and Dan Paxton; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Rick Nelson, 2nd Buddy Meola, Les Blaylock and Bob Brunelle; Net: 1st Rick Nelson, 2nd Les Blaylock, 3rd Buddy Meola and Bob Brunelle; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Bob Robinson, 2nd David Franklin, 3rd John Baker and John Ladd; Net: 1st Bob Robinson, 2nd John Baker, 3rd David Franklin; Flight 5 Gross: 1st Dick Johnson, 2nd Gene Brown and James Kay’ Net: 1st Dick Johnson, 2nd Tony Arrigo, 3rd James Kay

4/07 and 4/09. Home and Home with Oakwood – Gross: 1st Don Klein and Jim Czaja, 2nd Larry Frink and Don Degregoris, 3rd Jay Mays and Jack Hopkins; Net: 1st Bill Moore and Ken Pearson, 2nd Ed Sorenson and Jim Rahilly, 3rd Gary Whiting and Stan Gross

4/16. Two Man Select A Drive – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Grady Anderson and Terry Wilson; Flight 1 Net: 1st (three way tie) Ed Frees and Richard Haug, Larry Frink and Bill Moore, Robert Fish and Jack Goyer; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Ron Sarnicki and Dave Tjosvold, 2nd Tom Rainville and Jim Fergal, 3rd Ron Gunnoe and Jim Curran; Flight 2 Net: 1st Jack Wortley and Elwood Boihmer, 2nd (tie) Ken Marshall and Jim Czaja, Jeff Sedlack and Don Klein; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Terence Cronin and Julian Pickens, 2nd Bob Robinson and Danny Jetton, 3rd Tom Hall and Gene Brown; Flight 3 Net: 1st Ralph Annen and Tom Rhea, 2nd Norman Ruffing and Evan Owen, John Ladd and Francis Sweet

4/23 and 4/25 Ryder Cup with Palo Verde – The Ryder Cup was won by Cottonwood over Palo Verde 73.5 to 58.5

4/30. Beat the Pro – Fun was had by all. Only 13 players did not beat the pro.

Upcoming events in June:

June 4: Ace of Aces

June 11: Two Man Select A Drive One Gross/Two Net

June 18: Two Man Team Alternate Shot

June 25: Cotton/Verde Beat the Pro