CMGA events and scores

Results of recent events:

06/07. Ace of Aces Qualifier – Quota Points: Flight 1: 1st Tom Wilhelm, 2nd Grady Anderson, Rick Smith, Jim Crandal and Jim Henry; Flight 2: 1st Bill Irwin, 2nd Jim Thompson and Francis Sweet; Closest-to-the-Pin: Hole 5 Bob Schaedel, Hole 13 Jim Crandal; Longest Putt: Hole 1 Jim Thompson, Hole 10 Rick Nelson

Qualifiers for Ace of Aces in May: Bill Irwin, Rick Smith, Jim Henry and Grady Anderson

06/14. Two Man Teams Low Net/Low Gross, not same ball – Flight 1: 1st Grady Anderson/Dick Haug, 2nd Russell Hanson/David Heath, 3rd Thomas Wilhelm/Fred Smith; Flight 2: 1st Ralph Liguori/D Bartolo, 2nd Julian Pickens/Dean Hermanson, 3rd William Irwin/Len Rosati; Flight 3: 1st Jim Rahilly/Bob Schrote, 2nd Earl Whiteman/Dick Johnson

06/21. Cotton/Verde Beat the Pro – This competition was a scramble and seven foursomes beat the pros: Hal Mahaffey, Pete Gorman, Ralph Ligouri and Bruce McCorkle; Bob Keltz, Steve Keating, Bob Schaedel and Steve Bennett; Joe Lombardo, Larry Orton, Russ Hanson and Ken Pearson; Jim Davis, Joe Dingeldine, Jim Crandal and Cliff Vinje; Don Hicks, John Mitchel, Rick Nelson and Tom Rhea; Les Blaylock, David Heath, Bob Timms and Dale Collings; Bob Rouleau, Richard Hair, Chick Garifo and Len Rosati

06/28. Two Man Teams Select-A-Drive – Flight 1: 1st Grady Anderson/Tony Hames, 2nd Hank Clausen/Steve Martz, 3rd Steve Scheck/Robert Schrote; Flight 2: 1st Jerry Conner/Carl Armstrong, 2nd Earl Whiteman/Thomas Rhea 3rd Larry Guild/Francis Sweet

Upcoming Events:

August 2 – Ace of Aces qualifier-Quota Points

August 9 – Two Man Teams- Low Net/Low Gross, not the same ball

August 16 – Two Man Team-Blind Draw

August 23 – Two Man Team-Select-A-Drive

August 30 – 2014-Cha Cha Cha