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Results of recent events:

ABCD 2 Gross + 1 Net, August 11, 2018: 1st Jim Curran, Hank Clausen, Jim Rahilly, Blind Draw; 2nd Jim Grube, Bob Schaedel, Bill Irwin, Tim Fettis; 3rd Dave Butler, Jim Rumpler, Steve Martz, Tom Rhea

Cross Country, August 18, 2018: 1st Craig Christensen, Jack Wortley, Jeff Sedlack, Jim Crandel; 2nd Mark Lynne, Jerry Johnston, Don Bartolo, Rick Glashen; 3rd Jim Grube, Earl Whiteman, Garrett Bertsch, Tim Fettis

Two Man Scramble, August 25, 2018: First Flight: 1st Gene Kivi and Pat Conry, 2nd Mark Higgs and Ray Osborne; Second Flight: 1st Bill Greer and Brad Reis, 2nd Dan Paxton and Garrett Bertsch; Third Flight: 1st Jeff Singer and Joe Ficek, 2nd Bill Jablonski and Bill Irwin

Ace of Aces Qualifier, September 1, 2018: First Flight: 1st Paul Brauer, 2nd Pat Conry; Second Flight: 1st C.W. Rollins, 2nd Rick Nelson, Gene Kivi; Third Flight: 1st Tom Rhea, 2nd Les Blaylock

Cha Cha Cha, September 8, 2018: 1st Jim Grube, C.W. Rollins, Danny Jetton, Terry Cronin; 2nd Larry Frink, Bill Kreager, Jerry Johnston, Dennis Walrath; 3rd David Reap, Jim Rumpler, Ray Osborne, Blind Draw

Upcoming Events:

October 6, 2018, CWPV Beat the Pros

Closed for overseed October 8-28, Reopens Monday, October 29, 2018

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