CMGA play day results

Results of recent events:

3/07. Ace of Aces – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Paul Brauer, 2nd Cliff Mattson, Jay Mays and William Moore; Net: 1st Dan Paxton, 2nd William Moore; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Ken Pearson, 2nd Robert Walk; Net: 1st Robert Walk, Jerry Cisneros and Hank Clausen; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Jim Czaja, 2nd Chuck Garifo; Net: 1st Robert Sullivan, 2nd Steve Martz; Flight 4 Gross: 1st William Greer, 2nd Peter Gorman; Net: 1st Tony Wooldridge, 2nd Tim Olmstead; Flight 5 Gross: 1st William Irwin, 2nd Ray Welker; Net: 1st Jeff Singer, 2nd Dick Johnson; Flight 6 Gross: 1st Andy Zommers, 2nd James Kay; Net: 1st Francis Sweet and Chuck Bakeman, 2nd Danny Jetton

Qualifiers for Ace of Aces: Paul Brauer, Dan Paxton, Bob Walk, Jerry Cisneros, Hank Clausen, Bob Sullivan, Chick Garifo, Bill Greer, Peter Gorman, Bill Irwin, Jeff Singer, Andy Zommers and Chuck Bakeman

3/13 and 3/14 Member Guest – Flight 1: 1st Cliff Mattson and Chad Niles, 2nd Bruce Koehler and Brian Flynn, 3rd (tie) Jay Mays, Dan Linegar and Mark Higgs, Gregg Higgs; Flight 2: 1st Chick Garifo and Enrique Morales, 2nd Myron Strand and John Gergen, 3rd Jack Hopkins and Allan Gann; Flight 3: 1st Phil Carlson and Jerry Kautzman, 2nd Dick Johnson and Bob Scofield, 3rd (tie) Rick Nelson and Utzinger; Ray Osborne and Bob Thiel; Dale Collings and Randy McMannus; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Mac Michaelis and Don Woolf: Earl Whiteman and Al Baumgartner, 3rd Roger Wilson and Bert Geiger

3/14. Afternoon Low Net/Low Gross – Low Gross: 1st Grady Anderson, 2nd Larry Frink, 3rd (tie) Gary Whiting and Gerald Brock; Low Net: 1st Gerald Brock, 2nd John Beard, 3rd (tie) Gary Whiting and Jack Voight

3/21. Morning First Round of Electic – Flight 1 Low Gross: 1st Barry Adams, 2nd Paul Brauer, 3rd Ed Frees; Low Net: 1st Barry Adams, 2nd Paul Brauer, 3rd James Werlinger; Flight 2 Low Gross: 1st Hank Clausen and Ken Pearson, 3rd Gary Hunnel, Paul Homan and Michael Morrison; Low Net: 1st Hank Clausen and Ken Pearson, 3rd Gary Hunnel and Paul Homan; Flight 3 Low Gross: 1st Bernie Wolfin, 2nd Peter Gorman, 3rd Steve Martz and Bob Robinson; Low Net: 1st Bernie Wolfin, 2nd Tom Reese, 3rd Peter Gorman; Flight 4 Low Gross: 1st John Gettles, 2nd Earl Whiteman, 3rd Ray Welker; Low Net: 1st Earl Whiteman, 2nd John Gettles, 3rd Gene Brown

3/28. Morning Second Round of Eclectic – Flight 1: 1st Barry Adams, 2nd Fred Smith, 3rd Larry Frink and Bill Moore; Flight 2: 1st Hank Clausewn, 2nd Larry Mullins, 3rd Paul Homan; Flight 3: 1st Bernie Wolfin, 2nd Tom Reese, 3rd Jim Crandal; Flight 4: 1st John Gettles and Ray Welker, 3rd John Beard; Flight 5: 1st James Kay, 2nd Gary Slater and Gene Brown

Upcoming events in May:

May 2 Morning: Ace of Aces Qualifying

May 9?

May 16: Cha Cha Cha

May 23: Flag Tournament

May 30: Two Man Teams Low Gross/Low Gross