CMGA post scores

Results of recent events:

7/02. Red White and Green Scramble – 1st place team Ed Farrenkopf, Ray Osborne, Bill Jablonski and Bob Timms, 2nd place team Don Mugrave, John Ladd, Tom Reese and Jim Rahilly and Larry Frink, Gerald Brock, Jim Candal and Keith Wilson

7/09. Ace of Aces – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Ed Frees, 2nd Larry Frink, 3rd Dennis Bockelman and Gary Serlectic; Flight 1 Net: 1st Dennis Bockelman, 2nd Larry Frink and Gary Serletic; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Jim Fergal and Ron Gunnoe; Flight 2 Net: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Ron Gunnoe, 3rd Jim Fergal and Gerald Brock; Flight 3 Gross: Ralph Annen, Robert Schrote and Bill Greer; Flight 3 Net: 1st Richard Glashan, 2nd Jim Fettis, 3rd Ralph Annen and Brad Wilson

7/16 and 7/23. Summer Sizzler – Flight 1: 1st Stan Mahoric and Ken Pearson, 2nd Walt Nowicki and Ron Gunnoe, 3rd Don Mugrave and Les Blaylock; Flight 2: 1st Gerald Brock and Tim Fettis, 2nd Ralph Annen and Tom Hall, 3rd Bill Irwin and Brad Wilson

7/30. Two Man Best Ball – Flight 1: 1st Bill Moore and Dennis Bockelman, 2nd (tie three teams) Stan Mahoric and Tom Wilhelm, Ray Osborne and Jim Curran, Gene Kivi and Bob Schaedel; Flight 2: 1st Ralph Annen and Ken Pearson, Phil Lucau and Earl Whiteman 3rd Tim Fettis and Gerald Brock

Upcoming events:

August 6: Ace of Aces Qualifying

August 13: ABCD Three Best Balls

August 20: Cross Country

August 27: Two Man Scramble