CMGA Tournament Results

Buddy Meola

On Aug. 8, the Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association played a two-man pick your partner tournament with a two net format.

First Flight Low Net Team: Steve Lowe and Martin Oerter

Second Flight Low Net Team: Don Klein and Bill Moore

Third Flight Low Net Team: Steve Martz and Ken Nelson

Aug. 15 was an ABCD team event which used the team net score total.

First Place Team: Jim Rumpler, Don Klein, Bill Irwin, Robert Schrote

Second Place Team: Larry Frink, Paul Graebke, Herbye White, Francisco Venegas

Third Place Team: Lowell Hargrove, Thomas Rainville, Ray Osborne, Ken Nelson

Fourth Place Team: Marty Hobby, Jim Fergal, David Marcus, Martin Schniepp

Aug. 22 was a one net team event with teammates selected by blind draw.

Flight One: First Place Team: Gene Kivi and Jeff Sedlack, Second Place Team: Dan Paxton and Don Klein, Third Place Team: Jim Rumpler and Larry Frink, Fourth Place Team: Garrett Bertsch and Ron Sarnicki

Flight Two: First Place Team: Dean Harmanson and Steve Martz, Second Place Team: Bill Parsons and Dave Spencer

Aug. 29 was a two-man team AB scramble with a pick your partner format.

First Flight: First Place Team: Leif Lingren and Marty Hobby, Second Place Team: Martin Oerter and Steve Lowe

Second Flight: First Place Team: Paco Venegas and Garrett Bertsch, Second Place Team: Don Bartolo and Terry Thomas

Third Flight: First Place Team: Mike Schniepp and Bob Schrote, Second Place Team: Steve Martz and Ken Nelson