Coach Kwong’s Tennis Tip

Kwong Young

One of the toughest shots a player can display is referred to as a “Tweenie” or a “Tweener.” In this shot, they are chasing down a deep lob that’s heading toward the baseline and swing their racket between their legs, returning the ball to their opponent. A few players, when serving, will trick the opponent by serving a quick underhand serve, occasionally getting an “Ace.” Players who stand out for tennis trick shots are Roger Federer, Gael Monfils, and Nick Kyrgios. In my opinion, one of the best trick shot takers is Mansour Bahrami. To this day, he still does exhibition doubles with former pros to entertain the crowd with his amazing magical talent.

View coach Kwong’s tennis tricks on YouTube (Kwong Young Tennis) and see if you can perform any of these tennis tricks displayed.