Coach Kwong’s Tennis Tip

Coach Kwong

A long song from singer/writer Carly Simon says, “Anticipation is keeping me waitin’.” To be prepared for, look forward to, is a skill/act one would possess to have a competitive edge on others when playing. Many players would simply be reactive, not proactive, to outplay their opponents.

Examples: If you do a short drop shot, then you should move up as your opponent is trying to chase the ball. Secondly, if you lob the player at the net and they are running back to retrieve the ball, then you should be moving toward the net as they are running away. Lastly, hit the ball close to their body or at their feet to anticipate a weak ball return. During the game, proactively hitting shots allowing you to anticipate a return puts you in a stronger position. Don’t let “anticipation keep you waitin’.” Anticipate a win, and use it to your benefit.