Come Sample These Mysteries

Librarian Patricia Birch

Jan Bobbett

We invite you to try one of our police procedural mysteries. Visit the SL Country Club Library Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and check out a book from our Best Sellers cabinet. Here are three for you to consider (books on the regular shelves may be borrowed without being checked out):

1. S.A. Cosby’s All the Sinners Bleed (2023)

It’s a mystery about a small town dealing with change—including a new sheriff who has returned to his hometown and is trying to apply what he learned as an FBI agent to his new position as the sheriff. Key characters include Titus Crown, the first black sheriff in the town, and Jefferson, a popular high school teacher and primary victim.

The sheriff is leading his team to dig deep to solve a devastating crime and keep his Virginia town intact. This thriller is a real winner. I didn’t know what to expect, and I would call it one of the best books of the year.

2. Michael Connelly’s Desert Star (2022)

I was holding this book one morning at the Phoenix VA when someone nearby saw it and said he was sure I would like it. (He was right.) I’m a new fan of Connelly. I really like the team of Renee Ballard and Harry Bosch, and I like that it has a tight plot. I’ll be back for more Connelly crime books.

To quote one reviewer, “Whether or not you’re already a fan of the Ballard and Bosch books, this is a must-read with a heart-wrenching final twist.”

3. J. A. Jance’s Collateral Damage (2023)

Jance is a popular writer in Arizona. This is the 17th of the Ali Reynolds mysteries, set in the Sedona area. She has two other series: the Joanna Brady mysteries, set in Bisbee, and the J.P. Beaumont police mysteries, set in Seattle.

This novel has many characters, including employees of the cybersecurity firm of Ali Reynolds and her husband. Add to that one character’s search for revenge that results in a whole array of other crimes and a cast of police characters.

As one reviewer said, “Jance does a really nice job of weaving together the many strands of the story, told from wildly different points of view.” This book gets complicated, so I recommend readers pay attention—and enjoy the ride, as well as recognizable Arizona sites.

Our Librarian of the Month:

Here’s some insight into our October librarian Patricia Birch. She has lived in Sun Lakes for 19 years but was born in England and lived there until she discovered the delights of Sun Lakes. In England she managed an advice-giving agency—a good background for a librarian.

Yes, she likes books—especially “very English novels” like those by Austin and Kipling. Pride and Prejudice is probably her favorite. She also likes Grisham and other American writers. She enjoys reading for relaxation and to learn. She also enjoys embroidery and using our pool.