Computer Booters blossom

Kc Coller, Publicity Director

It’s happened again – that special general meeting because of the guest speaker!

At the April general meeting, we were able to listen and learn from David McIntyre, owner of PCHelpForce Computer Repair in Chandler, AZ, about our computers. Telephone: 602-748-4429.

Listening to these speakers, we learn about their knowledge and expertise in a profession they obviously enjoy and which we so often need assistance. Many times, David or his staff has accepted our invitation for a home visit to “heal” a computer. It seems “word of mouth” is spreading about those “good guys” who can help us with our computer needs.

It’s our pleasure to add David to this list, and we thank him for his time shared with us in April. We certainly heard about many of the things we should know in using our computer. We just need to keep listening to learn more of what we should know. These speakers are so much easier to understand than reading the technical material in magazines. They see our raised hands and directly answer our questions; it’s something to take advantage of.

May’s general meeting is the last one until September 4, and it is going to be a bit different. The plan is interaction between members and volunteer facilitators concerning five different topics. Tables with chairs for each topic will be set up at the beginning of the meeting for members to sit at. Members will choose the table/topic that interests them and are encouraged to then move around during the permitted time to other tables. There’s no need to stay at one table. The Topic/Tables are: Tech Support/Allan Levy, Microsoft Office/Teri Bitler, Smart-type Phones/Kc Coller, Workshops/Bill Phillips and NEST (Security)/Rich Davis.

This is a new concept, and we hope you’ll come and take part in it by learning and sharing information. We all know something about most things even in computing. Sharing means we’ll know a lot more.

No workshops are scheduled for May or during the summer. They will begin again with the club’s startup in September.

Just a note on the Volunteer Luncheon held for the club’s many volunteers April 4 at the Palo Verde Restaurant/clubhouse. It was delightful and delicious. Volunteers are the reason this club survives. A club generates many needs, both big and small, and each one is as important as the next. This luncheon is a small token to show the “thanks” and appreciation for their time and commitment.

Come early the first Tuesday of each month from September through May at 6:00 p.m. for cookies and coffee and meet other members while the meeting is being set up. Meetings begin at 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Sun Lakes Country Club’s Navajo Room, 25601 Sun Lakes Blvd., off of Riggs Road.

Everyone, have an enjoyable and safe summer. We look forward to meeting again!