Computer Booters echoes thoughts

Kc Coller, Publicity Director

The May 2 general meetings attendance surprised us with its fantastic numbers of members and guests. It’s always been said “Guests are always welcome” and so a thank you goes to Randy Norton, Roy Griffith, Mark Woodbeck, Larry Ott and Monte Post.

Hope the time you spent stopping to check us out was positive. We were glad to have you.

We are so hopeful that these guests found it interesting enough to become a club member so that they may take advantage of all the things that the club has to offer.

Members are able to hear powerful speakers that present thoughts and knowledge on computers and related technology topics at the general meetings. Our May speaker, Ron Schott, a technology entrepreneur is an example of broadcasting this gift.

Listening to persons speak about new avenues helps us realize we’re NOT too old to learn something new. Perhaps that is one more reason to become a member should there be just a tiny bit of computer interest. There might even learn more ways to use the computer or even come up with a new hobby. There is so much changing every day in all things and with computing even more. There is the benefit of gaining computer knowledge by submitting one’s self to guest speakers who wish to share information.

Members have the opportunity to visit our website at for club information, monthly newsletter, monthly program schedule, helpful links and suggested downloads, online classes and vendor discount listings. Member get email broadcasts with meeting reminders and late breaking technology information.

Most classes are free for paid members and $10 for non-members. They are scheduled from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Arts and Crafts Room at Sun Lakes. Bring your laptop or tablet.

Some class examples include Excel, Windows 10, iPad, Safety on the Internet, Photoshop, Facebook, File Storage, Keeping Track of Passwords and Computers for Beginners. There is always the prospect to become a club volunteer. This club is all about its volunteers and they are so appreciated!

In fact the club is hoping that someone with notebook skills will now step forward. The club needs a secretary to be on the board and take board notes at the monthly meetings. Call Janet Quade at 480-895-8178.

The next meeting will be September 6 and classes will begin in October.

Have a safe and fun summer and we’ll gather again in the fall. Be safe!