Computer Booters welcome 2018

Kc Coller, Publicity Director

The 2018 officers, President Janet E. Quade, Treasurer Howard Winkle and Secretary Barbara Hug, were presented. “Thank You” to all for the generosity of time and energy being given. Club news and workshop schedules for January followed.

Being a Computer Club member attending general meetings and workshops enables us to stay tuned and propels us through many of the technical changes presented us.

Speakers like Jason Bagley, Government Affairs Manager of Intel Corporation, who spoke about the overview of Intel’s operations in Arizona with updates on Intel’s growth at the site as well as some new innovations was astounding. We could’ve listened longer. We are so fortunate to have speakers who are willing to share with us.

Remember Dick Tracy’s watch and Buck Rogers of 1929? We’ve passed that fiction technology and now have jumped ahead with today’s real technology. We’re beyond our wildest imaginations of yesterdays. For starters, we have driverless vehicles, phones that do a combination of tasks and go everywhere with us, plus machines that can see inside our bodies. This is accomplished with computing technology. Perhaps it was the advent of Intel that allows this.

William Tully, Senior Manager of Security for Orbital Space Corporation which develops and manufactures small and medium class rockets and space systems for commercial, military and civil government customers, agreed to be our first speaker of the year. You might remember his last visit. He also held our attention. Come grab a chair and hear what he shares about safety and security in today’s technical world. 2017 brought advancements to areas that only existed years ago in the comics. Now, that fantasy is reality.

The club encourages members to keep learning. We toasted 2018 realizing the need to just keep up. Many intelligent people willingly share and help us on this journey. In reality, it was the speakers who made 2017 a success!

January Workshops:

January 8 – *Window 10, Microsoft Staff, 8:30 a.m., *Microsoft Store in Chandler Mall

January 10 and 17 – PowerPoint, Teri Bitler, Ceramics Room (A-8) Cottonwood CC, 6:30 p.m.

January 15 – Chromebooks for Seniors, Rich Davis, Ceramics Room (A-8) Cottonwood CC, 6:30 p.m.

Sign-up sheets for workshops are at each general meeting, or contact Class Director Bill Phillips at 480-895-8178 or [email protected] Most workshops are free for the members and $10 per class for others. Classes are numerous.

Membership is $36 per year for singles and $48 per year for two individuals at the same address.

Join in – Become a member -You may sign up online at – All are welcome.

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month from September through May. They begin at 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Sun Lakes Country Club’s Navajo Room, 25601 Sun Lakes Blvd.

Come at 6:00 p.m. to take advantage of cookies and coffee while mingling with other members as the meeting is being set up. v