Congratulations Elsie Hagen

Winner of the President’s Cup Elsie Hagen!

Winner of the President’s Cup Elsie Hagen!

Nancy Field

President’s Cup Results:

Winner-Elsie Hagen 107; Flight 1: 1st Chery Reed 114, 2nd Dang Parker 118, 3rd Bonnie Moore 119; Flight 2: 1st Debbi Ebel 114, 2nd Mary Oester 118, 3rd Debbie Loch 119; Flight 3: 1st Jan Fletcher 112, 2nd Mary Billideau 118, 3rd Diane Gordon 119; Flight 4: 1st Mavis Nixon 114, 2nd (tie) Elaine Donovel, Judi Kilgus and Margaret Werseen 119, 3rd Shelia Pauley 122; Flight 5: 1st Goldie Herberg 112, 2nd Ariete Lima 126, 3rd (tie) Margot Mask and Mary Poltonavage 127; Flight 6: 1st Ruth Anderson 112, 2nd Lavaughn Pietz 114, 3rd Shirley Sweeney 116

1/06. Low Gross – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Donna Smid and Marci Koppelmaa 75, 2nd (tie) Bonnie Moore and Debra Emerick 76, 3rd (tie) Kelly Dennis and Marylou Claypool 78; Flight 2: 1st Betty Ulrich 79, 2nd Elsie Hagen 80, 3rd Debbie Loch 82; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Jeanne Nelson and Mary Billideau 77, 2nd Jan Fletcher 79, 3rd Elaine Donovel 82; Flight 4: 1st Dianne Hoyt 85, 2nd (tie) Arne Havens and Fran Stevenson 89, 3rd Nettie Dingler 93; Flight 5: 1st Valerie McDonald 82, 2nd Lillian Look 87, 3rd Goldie Herberg 93; Flight 6: 1st Lavaughn Pietz 96, 2nd (tie) Donna Bailey and Shirley Sweeney 97, 3rd Donna Jones 98

March will be a busy month for the 18 Holers; so make sure you check your book and get signed up for all the fun activities. March 3 is Member Guest Day; March 10 is Rally for the Cure; March 17 and March 19 is Match Play with the Men’s league; March 24 is our Spring Fling; and on March 31 we are playing a team event. If you are interested in playing on one Tuesday or all Tuesdays make sure you have your money in the box by noon on the Saturday before the event you want to be included in.