Cornucopia of resources available to seniors in Sun Lakes

Pam Yocom, MAC Volunteer

The most important conference this year will be on Thursday, October 19, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Sun Lakes Country Club, Navajo Room – Sun Lakes Senior Health Conference. MAC (Member Assistance Club) is a new group of neighbors who joined together in a common cause; to better understand the types of healthcare programs available – simply put, neighbors helping neighbors. “One day we came across this purple book, ‘Area Agency on Aging.’ We had no idea this book was so helpful, just chock-full of information for seniors in Maricopa County and Sun Lakes,” said Pat Beaudin, a MAC volunteer. With this book came the idea of having a conference to help our neighbors.

A three-member panel from Area Agency on Aging will share with residents about Hearing Impaired programs, Senior Help Line, Long-Term Care, Legal Services, Mental Illness to Transportation. The panel of speakers are Alfredo Gonzalez, Bilingual Information & Assistance Specialist; Scott Hawthornthwaite, Director of Care Coordination; and Marco Mendoza, SHIP Benefits Assistance Program Director. From the agency website, “Our programs are designed to enhance the quality of life of residents and caretakers. We advocate, plan, coordinate, develop and deliver numerous programs and services.”

A question and answer period will follow the presentation.

The search for the best resources to meet your needs can be overwhelming. AAA Region One serves as a central information and resource center for finding and assisting older adults, adults aged 18+ with HIV/AIDS, adults aged 18+ with disabilities and long-term care needs and family caregivers throughout Maricopa County.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office’s Betty Delano, Senior Outreach Coordinator, will talk about Consumer Scams/Identity Theft. “We will review the most recent scams and what ‘Red Flag’ to watch out for.” says Betty Delano. She will provide handouts for our tool kits. She will also talk about Identity Theft, how to prevent becoming a victim and what to do if your identity is stolen.

After the speakers, you can walk the floor to visit with over 17 vendors to gain information and have your questions answered about their products and/or services. Each vendor will raffle door prizes and/or gift baskets. Freshly-baked cookies and water will be available.

Seating is limited to 200 people. Sign up at Sun Lakes Country Club. Admission is free.

For more information, call Pam Yocom at 480-734-8081 or Denis White at 480-857-6783.

Are you a senior citizen who requires help with daily activities? FreedomCare is a contracted provider of CDPAP, a Medicaid-funded program that allows New Yorkers to hire their own caregivers. If you have a friend or relative who would like to become a caregiver, follow the link to discover more.