Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association update


Golf is the perfect place to make new friends and strengthen old ones. Our CLGA league gives you an opportunity to do just that. Check out the March golf schedule which is filled with events such as an Eclectic Tournament, “March Mar-tee-ni Madness,” Member Guest and the Partners Tournament. Good golf, good friends, good times.

Welcome to our newest members: Joyce Parker, Joanne Rumpler, Judy Libbrecht, Dee Hogabaum, Vanessa Heimgartner, Kat Widmer, Connie Broidy and Kim Urech. It is wonderful see all these new faces out on Thursday morning.

Previous Results:

Match Play – 1st Flight: 1st Nancy Hermanson, 2nd Mikki Rydell; 2nd Flight: 1st Kathryn Campbell, 2nd Trudy Houghton; 3rd Flight: 1st Dianne Papaioannou, 2nd Karen Forster; 4th Flight: 1st Gloria Combs, 2nd Marylyn Kreager; 5th Flight: 1st Tammy Bailey, 2nd Debi Munt

18/2 = 9 Holes of Fun (CW 18 holers and CW 9 holers Scramble) Thank you, Sandy Worden and team, for organizing a fabulous event.

Front 9: 1st Paddy Newton, Marcia Evich, Sheila Axtman, Janet Quade; 2nd Barb Smith, Lorri Morgan, Mary Roper, Sue Schafer; 3rd Iris Hardy, Sharon Howard, Jo Ann Hegel; 4th (tie) Nadine Saunders, Donna Wolmutt, Laura Carothers, Tammy Bailey; 4th (tie) Minna Rasmussen, Marky Wilson, Jackie Kellerman, Barb Senneff; 4th (tie) Eden Carter, Marilyn Mitchell, Terry Gaube, Jean Parsons

Back 9: 1st (tie) Ruby Meyer, Barbara Sletto, Kat Widmer, Rachelle Wilson; 1st (tie) Cindy Edwards, Betty Lu Buchanan, Kathy Chebuhar, Diane Hill; 2nd (tie) Joyce Parker, Mary Ann Loran, Terry Johnson, Patricia Eck; 2nd (tie) Karen Forster, Glenna Twing, Debra Axtman, Margie Brandon; 2nd (tie) Cathy Sullivan, Jean Nelson, Kitch Trost, Pat Mc Roberts; 2nd (tie) Joan Irwin, Kay Newton, Leeanna Mickelson, Janice Kilbreath

Tee it high, let it fly.