Cottonwood Ladies Golf News

Pictured is Ruby Meyer, chairman of our Christmas Luncheon for the umpteenth year. The results of all her hard work will be reported next month after the luncheon, but be sure to say “thanks” and check to see if she has a job where you might be of help. We’d rename it the Ruby Meyer Luncheon if that didn’t sound so much like an obituary, and she is a long way from that.

Judy Onken

It’s the season for peace on earth and goodwill to all. If the excitement of holiday planning, parties, and family visits keeps you awake nights, there is a perfect solution. Read the comparisons of old rules with the new ones effective Jan. 1 on the CLGA website. As Uncle Joe would say, “all kidding aside,” this is a good source for information about the game we all love. Pros know how to make the rules work for them.

We had two flighted events in November. Winners of the Cottonwood Combo include first and second place in Flight 1, Trudy Houghton and Karen Fischer; in Flight 2, Sandy Worden and Pat Shouse; in Flight 3, Rita Healy and Janice Kittle; and in Flight 4, Sandy Eeds and Alice Barber. First and second place scores in the Cross Country event include Karen Fischer and Terry Gaube in Flight 1, Patti Hegenbarth and Billie Seiberling in Flight 2, Rita Healy and Debi Munt in Flight 3, and Deb Feist and Sandy Eeds in Flight 4.

A new, fun competition has been added to our games. Winners of the first “Birdie” game in November got $7 per birdie and went to Karen Fischer, Mary Kay Hobby, Trudy Houghton, and Cindy Ryan.