Cottonwood Ladies Golf

Marylu Esget

Marylu Esget

Judy Onken

Late breaking news! Marylu Esget got another hole-in-one on our October 8 play day. She isn’t sure of the number of holes-in-one she’s made but does know she is two in front of her husband, Jerry. C‘mon, fella, buckle down.

Summer golf is officially over for 2015. Several faithful club members displayed extraordinary commitment to the game by coming out each week to share a good time on the course. Our creative tournament chairman, Nancy Hermanson, kept the games varied and interesting. Let her know you appreciate her efforts along with others in leadership positions who work hard to make your club membership enjoyable.

As our seasonal residents are starting to return, we are reminded that our dual efforts with Palo Verde to support cancer research will take place on Tuesday, November 17. You can still make a contribution to this effort. Talk to Nancy Howell.

Membership dues are due December 1. Consider your own talents and offer to help in some way. We always need people to help with special events and the day to day operations of the group.


Cha, Cha, Cha tourney on September 3 was hotly contested. Mary Nelson, Nancy Gahn, Susan Lamb, and Ginger Henry tied for top honors.

September 10 was a Just for Fun tournament where Joni Hiller won it all with Sherri Butler and Christy Thomas sharing the second place spotlight.

A Cottonwood Combo contact held on September 17 found Mary Nelson the winner and Judy Onken in second place.

The Mutt and Jeff tournament on September 24 resulted in Patty Assante at the head of the pack, followed by Nadine Sanders, Mary Nelson, and Pat Tjosvold sharing second place in Flight One. In the Second Flight, Barb Senneff came out on top followed by a tie between Janet Quade and Lucsa Busbee.

The Nassau tournament on October 1 had Patty Assante winning Low Net on the front, Sharon McGregor and Billie Sieberling tying for Low Net on the back and Judy Onken taking the Low Net total in the First Flight. In Flight Two, Gloria Combs had Low Net on the front, Pat Tjosvold, Lucsa Busbee and Marky Wilson tying for Low Net on the back and Nancy Howell winning Lot Net total.