Cottonwood Lady Niners

Leeanna Mickelson, Diane Hill, Moe Bleth, Lorri Morgan, Sharon Howard, Pam Wagoner

Lorri Morgan, Publicity

As if we didn’t have enough fun on our own course every week, the CW Niners’ also get invited to play with other Niner clubs in the Valley. The first one coming up this year will be at PebbleCreek, another beautiful Robson community. We have also played at Ironwood and Oakwood and others; it’s a great way to play other courses and meet new friends.

We have begun work on our event, the ever-popular member/guest tournament under fearless leader Nancy Gehlbach. It is lots of work, but she did such a good job last year, she was convinced to chair it again. Bless you, Nancy!

In order to see our names in “lights,” here are the winners of the last four games:

December 13, Even Holes. 1st Lisa Mahoric; 2nd Jerry Jordan, Karen Kishpaugh; 3rd Betty Ennis, Lane Kemper, Kathy Lucas; 4th Lorri Morgan, Pam Wagoner; 5th Marlene Knightly, Leanna Mickelson, Rachell Wilson; 6th Christine LeCoutre, Ann Thomas, Linda Weber

December 20, 2 Best Balls. 1st Lynn Tanner, Barb Sherman, Shirley Trusel, Marie Howe; 2nd (tie) Nancy Gehlbach, Betty Ennis, Kay Newton, Tina Sigrist; Kathey Ivesdal, Lorri Morgan, Lola Bernadelli, Pam Towers; Sheila Axtman, Marinell Burnell, Lori Aspaas, Pam Bozonie; 3rd Marlene Knightley, Rachelle Wilson, Jackie Kellerman and a blind draw; 4th Sharlene Clark, Diane Coughlin, Pauline Corcoran, Sue Ori

December 26, Criers Tournament: Flight 1: Lori Aspaas, Leanna Michelson, Linda Brock, Marlene Knightley, Lynn Tanner; Flight 2: Marilyn Lloyd, Ginger Mays, Lorri Morgan, Kitch Trost, Margie Brandon, Christine LeCoutre; Flight 3: Barbara Gaman, Iris Hardy, Kay Newton

January 3, Blind Draw. Front Nine: Eden Carter and Jackie Poetker, Susie Buell and Betty Ennis, Laura Carothers and Kitch Trost, Iris Hardy and Jill Brindley; Back Nine: Lorri Morgan and Lola Bernadelli, Sharon Howard and Judy Whitney, Leeanna Mickelson and Diane Rutowski, Karen Kishpaugh and Cheryl Kopacz, Ginger Mays and Kathy Mlynarczyk, Kathy Ivesdal and Michelle Debouchere. All these winners divided up $458 of Pro Shop chits!

The Lady Niners’ continue Thursday afternoon play through the end of May. Come join the fun. Leeanna Mickelson is our new membership contact and can be reached at 206-478-7540.