Cottonwood Lady Niners celebrate the season

Cottonwood Lady Niners celebrate the season with a luncheon.

Cottonwood Lady Niners celebrate the season with a luncheon.

Diana De Pree

The Christmas party was a huge success with many Cottonwood Lady Niners in attendance. Served was a wonderful steak salad followed by a short meeting.

We finished up year 2016 with the following winners for the past several weeks in December:

12/8. Played Even Holes:

First Flight: 1st Gail Woolridge; 2nd Bette Lu Buchanan; 3rd (tie) Nancy Gehlbach, and Donna Walgren

Second Flight: 1st Ginger Mays; 2nd (tie) Joanne Baker, Iris Hardy, Leslie Swan; 3rd Cathy Kinnick

Third Flight: 1st (tie) Patty Landry, Donna Royle; 2nd Mary Ann Loran 3rd Lorri Morgan

12/15. Step Aside Scramble: 1st Sharon Howard, Lane Kemper, Betty Lansing, Sherry Manier; 2nd Marlene Knightly, Dixie McQuaid, Judy Whitney; 3rd Diana De Pree, Jerry Jordan, Patti Landry, Gail Wooldridge; 4th Cathy Kinnick, Lorri Morgan, Donna Walgren

12/22. Rained Out

12/29. Throw out 3 Worst Holes and Take Par

First Flight: 1st Rachelle Wilson; 2nd Nancy Gehlbach; 3rd Anita Hopkins

Second Flight: 1st Jerry Jordan; 2nd Lorri Morgan; 3rd (tie) Joanne Baker, Kay Newton

Third Flight: 1st Sandy Jackson; 2nd Patti Landry; 3rd Mary Ann Loran

We look forward to our New Year bringing us health, wealth and happiness and, of course, Great Golf!