Cottonwood Lady Niners—Happy New Year!

Glenna Twing, President; Leeanna Mickelson, Vice President; Lynn Tanner, Treasurer; Phyllis Stephens, Secretary

Glenna Twing, President; Leeanna Mickelson, Vice President; Lynn Tanner, Treasurer; Phyllis Stephens, Secretary

Lorri Morgan, Publicity

Wow! 2020! The Cottonwood Lady Niners golf club wants to wish you all a Happy New Year. Just think, when we say 2020, we can pretend we are talking about our eyesight.

We have started out this year with a bang celebrating our club’s 25th anniversary. At our November luncheon/meeting, we were able to greet all our past presidents. Also in November, our membership chair Judy Whitney, handicap chair Eden Carter, and golf shop liaison Travis held a new-member orientation attended by 12 new members. It is our commitment to make all new members (new to us, or new to golf) feel comfortable and welcome. We have lots of fun events planned for the year. Dec. 12 was our ugly Christmas sweater competition, followed by pizza on the deck. You will have to wait for photos, as it was too late for this deadline. Or maybe you saw some of them in the bar? We have been known to go in there….

Jan. 16 will have a wine pairing in the Saguaro Room following golf. It’s an event set up just for us with three wines paired with food selections for $18.00.

We are starting a Birdie Tree to give weekly recognition for those (lucky) golfers. A birdie marker will be presented to all at season’s end. Our catch phrase has become, “Just because it’s always been done this way, doesn’t mean it will always be done this way.” Case in point, weekly winners will not be published here. The size of our club and utilizing front and back nines for different games has just become too cumbersome. The results will be posted outside the Pro Shop in our area, and I’ve told our ladies if they want to see their names in lights, bring a yellow sharpie and highlight your wins! Results will also be on our website,

Planning continues for our famous Member/Guest Tournament, which will be held March 12. This year’s theme will be Queen of Clubs. I’m not privy to all the details yet, but I’m guessing it will have something to do with gambling, and I don’t have to guess that it will be FUN. The only way to assure yourself of being in on this is to join our club. There is still time, and our regular Thursday 1 p.m. games continue through the end of May. Many of us staybirds play throughout the summer informally with all our new friends.