Cottonwood Lady Niners ‘Star of the Month’

Pictured here with bragging rights is Cathy Sullivan.

Pictured here with bragging rights is Cathy Sullivan.

Diana De Pree

Congratulations goes to our very own Cathy Sullivan who made a fantastic hole-in-one on the 8th hole of Cottonwood. The Lady Niners are very proud of her accomplishment and the fact she belongs to our league; we are taking some credit for it.

Although most of us have never achieved such a goal, we keep on trying and have fun in the process. Here are some of the games we played this month and the winners who have their own “bragging rights.”

2/09. Scramble Winners: 1st Willa Barger, Sherry Manier, Ginger Mays; 2nd Kay Kautzman, Lane Kemper, Linda Weber, Rachel Wilson; 3rd Linda Carr, Patti Landry, Karen LaPointe, Sharon Spahr; 4th Moe Bleth, Barbara Gann, Dee Monsonis, Gail Wooldridge; 5th Carol Healy, Diane Hill, Donna Wolmutt

2/12. Low Net Winners – Flight 1: 1st Gail Wooldridge, 2nd Nancy Gahlbach, 3rd Lynn Tanner, 4th Linda Carr, 5th Barbara Sherman; Flight 2: 1st Leslie Swan, 2nd Judy Whitney, 3rd Betty Ennis, 4th Lorri Morgan, 5th (tie) Sandy Jackson, Lane Kemper, Donna Walgren; Flight 3: 1st Donna Royle, 2nd (tie) Patti Landry, Kay Newton, 3rd (tie) Willa Barger, Judy Wolfstich, 4th Judy Hultgren, 5th Diane Hedlund

2/23. Odd Holes Winners – Flight 1: 1st Lynn Tanner, 2nd Nancy Gehlbach, 3rd Linda Brock, 4th (tie) Sherry Manier, Gail Wooldridge; Flight 2: 1st Jacquie Poetker, 2nd (tie) Diane Hill, Ginger Mays, 3rd Margie Brandon, 4th (tie) Anita Hopkins, Sue Schafer; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Betty Lansing, Leslie Swan, 2nd Patti Landry, 3rd Willa Barger, 4th (tie) Judy Hultgren, Dixie McQuaid

What will next month bring?