Cottonwood Lady Niners travel to PebbleCreek for golfing fun

Lorri Morgan, Publicity

As if we didn’t have enough fun right here in our own Adult Summer Camp, some of our members traveled out West to Pebble Creek. That Robson community had their annual event where they invite Niners clubs from all over the valley to come for lunch and golf. Our members in pink were Leanna Mickelson, Diane Hill, Moe Bleth, Lorri Morgan, Sharon Howard and Pam Wagoner. Diane and Lorri had good luck and won at golf AND door prizes! It’s a great event. Also in pink is our Nancy Gelbach who got an eagle on CW hole #6 on February 22 – that is one tough Par 5!

Our 2018 club champions were announced on March 1. Lynn Tanner is low gross, and Gingers Mays is low net. Congratulations, ladies! Pictures to follow.

February 8 Step Aside scramble winners were team Moe Bleth, Kathy Bushbaum, Kristy Decleene and Nancy Gelbach, tied with team Betty Ennis, Barbara Gann, Kay Kautzman and Andrea Steinhaeusser. Second place was Carole Kinderman, Dixie McQuaid and Barb Schmoedel. Third place was Diane Hill, Christine Lecoutre, Lorri Morgan and Jean Nelson. Fourth place was Joanne Baker, Eden Carter, Sue Schafer and Kathy Sullivan.

February 15 game was Least Putts. Winning with just 15 putts were Rosie Raisanen and Barb Sherman; 16 Putts: Marlene Knightly, Willa Barger and Rachelle Wilson; 17 Putts: Susan Buell and Andrea Steinhaeusser; 18 Putts: Leeanna Micelson, Margie Brandon, Betty Ennis and Diane Hill; 19 Putts: Joanne Baker, Marilyn Jasper, Kitch Trost, Pauline Corcoran and Christine Lecoutre. Winners of those two weeks were awarded a total of $199 in pro shop chits.

“The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing!” Phyllis Diller