Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association April Results

Buddy Meola

The Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association (CMGA) started April 3 with the monthly Ace of Aces Qualifier. The Low Gross and Low Net players from each flight will qualify for the Ace of Aces tournament in early 2022.

First Flight: Low Gross Bob Tomsett, Low Net Don Vock; Second Flight: Low Gross Dennis Chenier, Low Net Jason Burger; Third Flight: Low Gross Robert Walk, Low Net Garrett Bertsch; Fourth Flight: Low Gross Steve Martz, Low Net Scott Johnson

April 10 was an unusual format in that it was a team event, but you played not knowing your partner. A blind draw was made of players in each flight to determine the team partners. The scoring was a net best ball by the team.

First Flight: First Place Team: Jack Goyer and Tom Zentmeyer; Second Flight: First Place Teams (tie): Charlie Gilligan and John Ladd/Terry Wilson and Keith Peterson; Third Flight: First Place Team (tie): James Kay and Earl Whiteman/Steve Martz and Stephan Getzkow

April 17 was the challenging 3 Clubs and a putter event. Players chose any three clubs from their bag and played the course. This required some imaginative shots from distances they normally don’t use a club for. This was a low gross flighted format.

First Flight: First Place Craig Christensen, Second Place William Moore; Second Flight: First Place Hank Clausen, Second Place James Hawkins; Third Flight: First Place Martin Schniepp, Second Place Steve Martz

April 24 was a pick your partner team best ball event. It was flighted by the combined index totals of the team.

First Flight: First Place Team: Jason Burger and Russell Laurin, Second Place Team: John Flynn and Don Cerimeli; Second Flight: First Place Team: Steven Steinhilber and Michael Kopacz, Second Place Team: Jay Mays and Gene Kivi; Third Flight: First Place Team: Jeff Sedlack and Stephan Gentzkow, Second Place Team: Tom McLoad and Jim Govea

May will be a full month with the CW/PV Ryder Cup, an Ace of Aces Qualifier, a two-day Eclectic Competition, and the challenging Blue, White, Gold event.