Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association news and scores – June 2014

Results of recent events:

04/05. Quota Points – Flight 1: 1st Jim Crandal, 2nd Gerald Brock; Flight 2: 1st Thomas Rhea, 2nd Bom Timms

04/12. Two Man One Gross Plus One Net – Flight 1: 1st Sparks/Kiva, 2nd Anderson/Bongard, 3rd F. Smith/Haug; Flight 2: 1st Jim Czaja/Don Hudson, 2nd Roy Parfitt/L Streit, 3rd Chick Garifo/Roger Beagle; Flight 3: 1st B.Zinnel/G Michaelis, 2nd J. Klimoski/R Annen, 3rd J Kay/John Beard

04/19. Criers – Flight 1: 1st William Moore, 2nd Eugene Kiva, 3rd Sam Didomenico; Flight 2: 1st Dennis Bockelman, 2nd Dean Hermanson, 3rd Russ Hanson; Flight 3: 1st Jim Czaja, 2nd Jim Crandal, 3rd Ron Gunnoe; Flight 4: 1st Ralph Annen, 2nd Jack Sturza, 3rd Thomas Rhea

04/26-27. Ryder Cup – The annual Ryder Cup between the men’s clubs at Cottonwood and Palo Verde was enjoyed by both sides. The contest was narrowly lost by Cottonwood at Cottonwood and Palo Verde narrowly lost at Palo Verde giving the overall victory to Cottonwood. This a great event annually with fun competition and lunch each day and prizes after lunch the second day. You should consider playing next season.

05/03. Ace of Aces – Ace of Aces qualifiers in May: Steve Schneck, Steve Martz, Ken Pearson, Rick Nelson, John Gettles, Jeff Singer and Ralph Annen

05/03. Stableford -Flight 1: 1st Steve Martz, 2nd Dennis Bockelman, 3rd Russ Hanson; Flight 2: 1st John Gettles, 2nd Dale Collings, 3rd Rick Nelson; Flight 3: 1st Ralph Annen, 2nd Jeff Singer, 3rd Jim Rahilly

Upcoming Events for June:

June 7 – Ace of Aces Qualifier-Quota Points

June 14 – Two Man Teams Low Gross/Low Net, not the same ball

June 21 – Blind Draw partners

June 28 – Two man teams Select-a-Drive