Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association recent results

Results of recent events:

5/02. Morning: Ace of Aces Qualifying – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Deno Edwards; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Dennis Bockelman, 2nd Dan Paxton, 3rd Ken Pearson; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Steve Martz, 2nd Jim Crandal, 3rd Neil Lilley and Peter Gorman; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Dennis Madigan, 2nd John Gettles, 3rd Earl Whiteman

Flight 1 Net: 1st Jay Mays; Flight 2 Net: 1st Gene Kivi, 2nd Chick Garifo and Rick Nelson; Flight 3 Net: 1st Bill Greer, 2nd Bob Zinnel, 3rd Bob Robinson; Flight 4 Net: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Dick Johnson, 3rd Danny Jetton

Ace of Aces Qualifiers: Jay Mays, Walter Nowicki, Larry Fink, Gary Whiting, Rick Nelson, Dean Hermanson, Doug Jowett, Jim Crandal, Bob Zinnel, Neil Lilley, Bob Robinson, Dennis Madigan, Les Braylock, John Gettles and Earl Whiteman

5/09. Two Man Combined Quota – Flight 1: 1st Dave Butler and Steve Martz, 2nd Larry Frink and Gary Hunnel, Rick Nelson and Chick Garifo; Flight 2: 1st Frank Arias and Stan Gross, 2nd Bob Robinson and Cliff Vinje, 3rd Bruce McCorkle and Bob Schrote; Flight 3: 1st Jim Rahilly and Russ Grgich, 2nd Mac Michaelis and Bob Zinnel, Tom Hall and Chuck Bakeman

5/16. Cha Cha Cha – 1st place team: Tom Wilhelm, Cliff Vinje, Rick Nelson and Danny Jetton, 2nd place team: Hank Clausen, Bill Greer, Ron Sarnicki and Tom Rhea, 3rd place team: Gerry Rooney, Bernie Wolfin, Earl Whiteman and Ray Welker

5/23. Flag Tournament – Flight 1: 1st Rich Jonson, 2nd Larry Frink, 3rd Stan Mahoric; Flight 2: 1st Russ Hanson, 2nd Bill Greer and Ron Sarnicki; Flight 3: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Ray Welker, 3rd Russ Grgich

5/30. Two Man Teams Low Gross/Low Gross – Flight 1: 1st Dave Butler and Ralph Casale, 2nd Grady Anderson and Bruce Mccorkle, 3rd Rick Nelson and Blind; Flight 2: 1st Bill Moore and Ron Sarnicki, 2nd Dean Hermanson and Blind, 3rd Gene Kivi and Bill Greer; Flight 3: 1st Joe Ficed and Norm Ruffing, 2nd Ray Welker and Jim Rahilly, 3rd Les Blaylock and Tom Hall

Upcoming events in July:

July 4 – Red-White-Blue Scramble

July 11 – Ace of Aces

July 18 – Four Ball Match Play: A/D vs. C/D

July 25 – Ladder Event