Cottonwood Tennis Club Announces Fall Activities

Penny Petersen

After more than a year of uncertainty, the Cottonwood Tennis Club’s board has announced that all of the activities sponsored by the club will be offered this fall.

The Men’s summer league, which began in May, is in full swing and will conclude in October. We’ll let you know the winners in our next issue.

The Rainbow Classic will be held Friday, Oct. 22, and Saturday, Oct. 23. It is open to CTC members only. Players are divided into four teams. Each team is assigned a color. Players are encouraged to wear outfits which match their assigned color. Flamboyance is encouraged. It’s always a fun first event of the tournament season, as well as an opportunity to make a colorful impact on the fun.

Saturday, Oct. 30, is the first of the “socials” held with other tennis clubs. It’s a one-day event. CTC will host this event. Doubles teams from Sun Lakes Country Club and SunBird Country Club may sign up.

The first social event of the season is the Welcome Back Party for all CTC members and spouses. It takes place on Thursday, Nov. 4, at 5 p.m. at the Palo Verde patio.

The Bradshaw Tournament (Nov. 7-13) is a week-long tournament for doubles players from Sun Lakes Country Club, IronOaks, SunBird, and Springfield, as well as CTC. There are several levels of play. This is not sponsored by Cottonwood Tennis Club but is played on all five of their courts. The official title is “The 2021 Ken Bradshaw/Don Neu Memorial Charity Tennis Tournament.” Ken Bradshaw was the person who started tennis at Cottonwood and was president of the club for quite a while. Don Neu was the longtime tournament director at CTC.

For the Bradshaw, there is a registration fee of $10 per player. The tournament raises funds for several charities, including Neighbors Who Care and the Boys & Girls Club of Chandler. There will also be a 50/50 raffle which benefits the Arizona Animal Welfare League. Funds are also raised through sponsor donations. If you want to help a great cause, contact co-chairs of the Bradshaw, Mary Ann Rice at 480-883-1236 or [email protected] , or Ernie Soczka at 715-573-7229 [email protected].

On Nov. 20, CTC travels to Leisure World for a social. Only CTC members may sign up. It’s a long way out to Leisure World, but it’s always worth the effort.

December brings several events (all are for members only):

1. Triple T, Dec. 1-4

2. CTC Christmas Dinner, Dec. 5

3. On Dec. 11 CTC travels to both SunBird and Springfield.

Events for the second half of the year will appear in the December Splash.

For information regarding membership in Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact

[email protected].