Cottonwood Tennis Club elects new officers for 2018-2019

Penny Petersen

Officers of the Cottonwood Tennis Club manage all activities, tournaments, dinners, socials and weekly sign-ups. They manage the money, rate the players, order trophies/gifts and find people to manage the food court which is open for each tournament. And they do all this for free.

Serving for the 2018-19 season are the following: President Bill Gosiak, Vice President Ken Stanley, Secretary Jenette Curran, Treasurer Spencer Roberts, Tournament Directors Martine Blue and Art McMillan and Past-President Nadine Sutter.

Monthly board meetings are held from October through April. Many of the CTC members are residents for only seven months. Many hail from Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington State and New York.

The club has activities year-round, including Monday and Wednesday women’s play, Tuesday and Thursday men’s play and Friday mixed doubles play. There are hardy souls who live and play tennis here year-round, often at 6:00 a.m. They will be featured in a July article.